November 6, 2004

Supper at Dad's The time changed Sunday morning for us so we had an extra hour to sleep in.  Ralph D. went into the jail with me for the service there.  Back at church, Uncle Howard preached a message on "Proper Church Conduct".  We came home to a quiet lunch then drove over to James Groff's to see little Meredith Elise.  She's quite a cutie.  We left then about 4:00 and drove over to Hephzibah.  Mother fixed us supper at 5:30 then the rest of the family stopped by to practice special singing together.  Went to church then at Hephzibah where Uncle Enos had a talk on "The Holiness of God".
Strite family singers practicing.... :) It's hard to believe that Monday was already the 1'st of November.  I spent a fair amount of time working at Ducane Gas Grills today.  Ina Sue did the laundry and other misc. tasks at home.  It was a beautiful day and Carolina Sue enjoyed sitting outside and watching Ina hang up the clothes.  Sharon Brubaker kindly called us in the morning and invited us to eat at Pizza Hut with them and their company for supper.  Horatiu and Gina are a Romanian pastor and his wife who are visiting the states.  He shared his testimony with the Barnwell church Sunday evening which we missed.  It was very nice to have a chance to meet them and visit. 
Horatiu & Gina Tuesday was Election Day but that didn't really do much to our schedule.  Carolina Sue turned 5 months today.  I worked a regular day at work while Ina Sue cleaned out the attic, washed some curtains and fixed us a delicious supper of pepper steak over rice and collards.  After supper we just had a relaxed evening at home together.
Watching while mother picks collards. I woke up early Wednesday morning and went out to the computer to see who won the election.  It was still undecided.  I went to work and spent most of the morning working at the Town Hall in Allendale.  Ina Sue took Carolina to Dr. Moskow for her 4 month checkup and shots.  She said she did really well but did shed a few tears.  Ina made steak subs for supper then we went to prayer meeting.  Ivan Skrivseth led the discussion on the 1'st chapter of James.  After we got done visiting after the service we went in to the shop for me to do the day-end and finish up a couple things.  We are so very thankful to God that the election was decided clearly and without the last elections judicial wrangling.
Carolina with Dr. Abe Moskow.

I took the whole day off Thursday for us.  Most of my free days lately have been taken up working at the school but we decided to keep this one for ourselves.  I started first thing in the morning by pulling the old plastic off our garden.  Unfortunately, my solarizing experiment was of only limited success.  Something went awry on part of the garden and the plastic turned out to be a really good hothouse for weeds.  Luckily they pulled easily and I soon had the garden looking pretty cleaned up.  Then I drove up to Denmark and bought a plumbing piece from Brooker's to fix up  the sink drain that has been leaking.  I also bought us egg biscuits from McDonalds for our breakfast.  When I got back I began putting the second coat of paint on our porch railings in the front.  After getting the baby laid down, Ina Sue came out and helped too.  We got the majority of it done before it started to rain and forced us to quit.
A wonderful time with Alvin & Susie Byers We had planned to take a horse ride in the afternoon on Carl's two horses but because of the rain we had to call it off.  Hopefully we can do it another day.  We worked a bit on cleaning up and getting supper ready for our company.  Alvin and Susie Byers came over for supper and a game of Rook afterwards.  We had grilled catfish, broccoli, sour cream mashed potatoes & french bread for supper.  We had a wonderful time after supper visiting and playing.  We ate dessert of banana crush, potato chips and molasses crinkles as we played.  A wonderfully enjoyable evening and day!
Ina Sue stocking a Radioshack order. We planned to leave for the Hartwell meeting Friday afternoon but some contrary plans came up.  First of all Jimmy Groff's parents are here from PA and he wanted to be off Saturday to be with them.  The other Radioshack guys had previous plans so I told him we would try to fill in as much as we could.  As it turned out too, my day Friday was so busy and hectic that it would have been difficult to get off in time to leave Friday afternoon.  Instead I put in a full day at work while Ina Sue did scrapbooking at home.  She also cut up piles of celery to send up to Hartwell for the one meal.  When I got home I rebuilt our gas grill from parts I got at Ducane today, then we grilled hamburgers for supper.  After that we worked on cleaning out the guest room to make it more useable for scrapbooking.
Punkin did very well during the day at work. Saturday was busy and quite a challenge.  We got up in good time and had a breakfast of a baked egg & ham dish that Ina Sue had made the evening before.  Then the whole family headed off to work.  It has been a long time since I worked on the Radioshack side of our business and there are surely a lot of things that I no longer am quite up to par with.  Richard Brubaker worked along with us though and he is really catching on well.  He took care of most of the hard questions while Ina Sue and I spent most of our time stocking the Christmas orders.  We worked hard and I think got quite a bit done.  By the time the day was out we were all pretty beat.  I stopped at Blimpies on the way home and bought us a sub to eat so that Ina Sue wouldn't have to make supper.  After supper we just pretty much sacked out for the evening.

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