August 21, 2004

Ralph & Ruth Dickerson with Carolina Ina Sue was scheduled to be hostess Sunday for lunch.  She had gotten pretty much everything all ready the evening before though so we had a fairly restful morning.  Uncle Howard preached on "Education".  All the visitors at church this morning seemed to have other dinner plans so we ended up with a home crowd around our table.  We had quite an enjoyable time with Lloyd & Emma Oberholtzer, Ralph & Ruth Ellen Dickerson with their children, and Dr. Martin Akor.  We had grilled chicken, pulled off the bone & slow cooked, baked rice, french bread, squash pie and pumpkin torte for dessert.  In the evening we stopped in to see our neighbors Bobby & Rita Fail for a while before church.  The service in the evening was a song service.  
Dr. Martin Akor & myself Monday was once again wash day for Ina Sue.  I told her I wouldn't mind doing most of it but I am so thankful that she does the ironing for our family!  In the evening Maria Byler stayed with us while her parents went to the PTA meeting.  I worked on making a neck pillow for Ina Sue to replace the one that my brothers tore up....  


Ina Sue with her ironing Tuesday Ina Sue started painting our front door after spackling and sanding the blemishes out of it.  I had a fairly normal day at work.  Hendrick is back from New York now so that makes the load a little lighter.  In the evening I went to the Barnwell jail for Bible study.  There were two men out for study tonight and time nearly got away from us.  I got home a little after 9:00.  Ina Sue made sour cream raisin creme bars for our dinner Thursday.
Cutting out a neck pillow.... Wednesday.  Ina Sue thinks that Carolina Sue must be "gumming".  She is drooling more and chewing on her fist.  I was kinda hoping she would avoid the drooling part. :(  We went to prayer meeting in the evening.  Daryl Brubaker had a really good talk on the sin of adultery (David & Bathsheba)  Unfortunately, I missed a good bit of it because Carolina was not in a very good mood.
Carolina Sue modeling my new neck pillow Thursday seemed like a long day.  I started off by meeting the other men at the school construction site and helping there until about 3:00.  Mark Hochstetler & I worked together most of the time framing in door & window openings.  Ina Sue & Betty Heatwole brought in lunch for the men working.  The drills & bits we were using to drill into the concrete & through the metal were barely up to the job.  The metal and the drill was getting so hot by 2:00 that we could barely work anymore.  We knocked off and I came home and mowed the rest of the yard.  This was the first time I really wanted a riding mower.  It was so hot and the yard seemed exceptionally large this time.  In the evening we went to the Carrigg Manor nursing home with the youth to sing.  On the way I got my just desserts by meeting up with one of Bamberg County's finest.  I didn't mind being pulled over,  (I'm afraid I deserved it) but it was excruciating to sit there beside the road while all the youth drove by on their way to the nursing home.  Perhaps this will be a lesson to remember......    After the singing at the nursing home we went to Charles Brubakers for a snack and the annual youth elections.  I guess we only have one more evening to go yet as youth sponsors.  We will kinda miss it.
Mark Hochstetler & myself working hard... Just a normal busy day Friday.  Ina Sue did some in depth cleaning.  Vacumned the drapes & scrubbed the floors etc.  I got home a little late from work and we had BarBQ, rice & southern peas for supper.
After putting up the porch railings We decided to get an early start Saturday so that we could get our work out of the way and knock off before too late.  Oh well.....   We did get started around 6:30.  I began clearing the weeds, tomatoes, peppers & misc other plants out of the garden.  Ina Sue helped out in between caring for the baby.  We also had to clean all the bean vines out of our bean fences before taking them down.  After everything was cleaned out of the garden I tilled it up good with the Troy Bilt then started the water going on it.  I also tried to burn our trash pile out behind the house.  In the process of dumping gas on the pile a flame somehow got stuck on the end of the gas can spout.  After a quick unsuccessful attempt to shake it out, I decided I ought to be somewhere else!  I dumped the can and we stood back to await the blast.  It just sat there and burned tamely for about 30 minutes then went out.  So, no damage was done but I'll need a new gas can.  In the afternoon I worked on putting some of our freshly painted railing back up on the front porch.  I got the two front sections up but not the sides.
Our solarizing garden I went over to Wendells for a short time around 6:00 to help Patrick carry some of their stuff up into Wendell's attic.  Patrick & Bethany Heatwole are in the middle of moving to Columbia.  Patrick will be attending college there for the next several years.  Around 6:00 I stopped on the front porch and began working again on the garden.  I had read that solarizing the soil helps to kill weed seeds and soil born pathogens.  It also is supposed to make the soil more fertile.  So, I dug trenches all the way around the garden and down through the middle.  Then I covered the whole garden with two large sheets of clear plastic and held it down on the sides by piling dirt on it.  Now we'll wait and see if the dirt will be able to keep the wind from tearing it up...  Finally, around 8:00 I finished up and went inside to shower and clean up.  Then over to neighbor Bill's for supper and homemade rootbeer floats.  Delicious!

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