April 23, 2011

Robert & Lori

Wendell Heatwole preached Sunday morning on "The Inerrancy of All Scripture".  We came home to a delicious casserole that Mary Korver had made for us.  We all took naps in the afternoon.  Papa's, Keiths, and Roberts got here around 5:00.  In the evening we were ordained deacon & deaconess.  I was blessed by the service and the support shown by the congregation.  Larry Miller preached on "The Duties of the Deacon."  We both feel rather inadequate for the duties we are called to.  We pray that God will be with us and give us the grace and strength for what he has called us to. 

After the service and the well-wishes, we came home for a snack with our families. Our friends Chad & Becky McMurray were also here with some of their children.  A good time with family and friends but it got pretty late by the time we got to bed.


Keith, Jeanne & little Laura Beth. Ina Sue made us and our guests asparagus breakfast lasagna and cinnamon buns for breakfast on Monday.  Everybody got left for Virginia around 8:15.  Landon actually rode along with Chad & Becky to Virginia.  From there he rode with Uncle Keiths to their home for the next week.   I went off to work and Ina Sue worked on laundry.  Savannah really missed her playmate today.  A relaxing evening at home.
Chad & Becky McMurray and children. On Tuesday Ina Sue dropped the children off with Patricks then met me at the store.  We drove over to Aiken for a little get-away.  Supper at the Atlanta Bread Company.  We came home early because Carolina Sue has achievement tests tomorrow....
Landon ready to head north. Wednesday was a very normal Day.  Prayer meeting in the evening. Tom Peachey led the discussion on "Contentment".  I went straight back to work afterward while Ina Sue brought the children home and put them to bed.
Savannah had to have her tea party without Landon. On Thursday we were about our usual work.  I worked a bit late at the shop but got home in time for a meeting with Carl & Grace where he went over the deacon duties with us.  I am very thankful that I will get opportunity to serve at least for a while along with Carl.  He is a good deacon!
Claudia all dressed up. We got up and hurried to pack up Friday morning.  We were just about ready to leave at 8:30 when a downpour started.  The rain finally slacked off enough for me to get the rest of the luggage loaded and we headed north.  It took us nine hours to get up to Keith & Jeanne's.  The children did really well.  We stopped at Wendy's for a quick lunch.  When we got to Keiths we rushed to everyone changed then hurried to drive to Uncle Robert Risser's for supper.  We had some bad traffic and got there about a half hour late. :(  We had a great time with them though and were delighted to see that they had invited my Aunt Edna & Aunt Anna over for the evening as well.  Aunt Twila served us a wonderful meal.  We got back to Keith's around 10:00 and stayed up talking until after midnight...
Benjamin and his helpers. Saturday morning we enjoyed waking up in a mansion.  :)  No, really their new house is very nice and certainly spacious.  Jeanne fixed us a great brunch of omelet casserole, butter horns, and fresh fruit.  We stayed at Keith's all day and just had a great time relaxing and visiting.  The children had lots of fun playing outside.  In the evening Keiths invited Terry & Sonya Martin, and Willie & Lori Eby over along with their families.  We had a great supper of grilled brats, potato salad, baked beans, chocolate cake & strawberries.  Great food and great fellowship!