April 9, 2011

Grandparents and grandchildren. Sunday was our communion service.  Carl preached on "Lessons from the Upper Room".  I am always blessed by our communion services.  We are so blessed to have brothers and sisters to share our Christian life with.  We invited Ms. Ashley over to share our lunch of taco salad.  Papa and Mother left for Virginia around 2:00.  We sat on the front porch for a while and visited with Ms. Ashley while we the children blew bubbles.  In the evening Patricks invited us to a picnic at Lemon Park to celebrate Caroline's 7'th birthday.  Andy's and Wendell's were also there.  A very nice relaxing evening.
Caroline's 7'th birthday party with friends. Monday was a busy day with laundry and shop work.  After supper we planted 6 rows of green beans in the garden.  While I was putting the children to bed I realized that our mail server was down and had to go back into the shop around 10:00.
Betty had one too. I didn't get back home until 5:30 Tuesday morning.  I slept for two hours then got up in time to get Carolina Sue to school at 8:30 then headed back to work.  There was a really hard storm during the night but no real damage at our house.  Ina Sue left the oldest children with Marcia while she went to Lois Heatwole's house for a party in honor of Betty Heatwole's birthday.  In the evening Maranatha Bible school gave a program at the church.  A very enjoyable evening.  We kept two of the fellows here for the night.  Enjoyed visiting with Matt Weber and Eldon Martin. 
Eldon Martin & Matt Weber from the Maranatha Tour. Carolina Sue enjoyed a field trip to "Bee City" on Wednesday.  She had a big time making things out of was and bottleing her own honey bear.  They also visited a petting zoo.  After supper I went to a school board meeting.  Didn't get back home until after 10:30.
Playing in their "hut" On Thursday Aunt Miriam kept Claudia while Ina Sue took Landon and Savannah along with her on the Sewing Circle Easter Caroling.  They went to the nursing homes in the area and sang for the folks there.  The old folks really enjoy seeing and talking to the little ones.  Ina Sue brought the children in with her to Barnwell around supper time.  I took them to Taco Bell for supper while Ina Sue went for a back appointment.
Mark, Carl & Andy have a chat on "Field Day". Friday was "Field Day" at the school.  We had a fun day there watching the children compete in physical activities.  I was blessed to observe the good sportsmanship and the way that they would cheer each other on.  This year the married folks beat the school at the annual tug-of-war.  That doesn't happen very often.  Normally the greater number of feet on the ground gives the edge to the school children.  The school board served ice cream bars for a snack to end the day then we helped clean up and got home by a little after lunch.  I went back in to work for the afternoon.
Carolina Sue clears the high jump. I had to work at the shop on Saturday.  Ina Sue cleaned the back porch and made a double batch of granola.  After I got home I mowed the yard and weeded in the garden.  Ina Sue cut our hair.  Breadsticks and garden salad for supper.  Claudia cut her first top tooth today.