March 26, 2011

My Treasures Mark Hochstetler preached us a great sermon on Sunday.  His council meeting sermon was on "The Calibrated Christian".  In the Spring, our ministers come and take our council with us in our homes so we got out in good time.  We came home to a lunch of ham biscuit roll-ups, cheese sauce and zipper peas.  We all took naps in the afternoon then got up in time to get ready for supper.  We had the Delmar Diem family over for supper and the evening.  A nice time visiting with them and their very nice family.
Carolina had a lot of fun playing "Up & Down the River" Monday was a gorgeous day!  Ina Sue hung out the clothes in the midst of blooming wisteria, red buds and dogwoods.  I worked a full day at the shop.  After supper I helped finish folding the clothes and straightening up the house then we all went outside and worked in the garden.  Planted some more lettuce and did some weeding.  Our neighbors, Wendell Heatwoles have been in Columbia and Central America for the last two weeks and are supposed to get back later tonight.  Their plane has been held up and they might not get home until tomorrow now...
Delmar & Lonita Diem. Tuesday was a normal day with Carolina at school, Daddy at work, and Mommy taking care of the little ones.  She finished up the ironing and took a walk with the children.  We had ham and grilled asparagus wraps for supper.  I crawled under our dining room floor in an attempt to tighten up the floor under our china press.  We hadn't noticed a problem before but now that the dishes are in the china press the dishes always rattle when you walk past the one corner.  I hoped to jack the floor up a little and put in a brace to keep it from bouncing.  Unfortunately, that whole section of flooring is on top of an big old fireplace foundation and I could not get in to the problem area....  Oh well, someday I may have to go in and break out the brick so that I can get to where I need to be. 
The weeds in front of our house actually look pretty... It was really windy on Wednesday.  Ina Sue finished sewing Carolina Sue and Savannah a set of look-a-like dresses.  They will wear them for the school program on Friday.  She also worked a while on Savannah's baby scrapbook.  She fixed us a delicious tuna roll and green beans for supper.  After supper I drove up to Denmark and met with my accountability group in the park.  We had a good time sharing together.  By the time I got home Ina Sue already had the children bathed and in bed.
An evening walk in Govan. On Thursday I dropped Carolina Sue off at school then went in to work for a couple hours.  I got home around 12:30 and worked all afternoon outside.  We did take a little time off to fly a kite with Landon.  We planted corn, mulched the potatoes & asparagus, weeded the blueberries and pulled nasty vines out of our azaleas.  Ina Sue cleaned up the perennial bed along the side of the house.  In the evening Wendell & Naomi came over for their council visit.  We always enjoy our time with them. Ina Sue fixed a coconut custard pie for a snack. 
Making memories with a kite. I had a full day at the shop on Friday.  Ina Sue cleaned the house.  In the evening she packed up the children and met me at the church.  I cleaned part of the church and took care of the children while she went to Lois Heatwole's for a "Celebrating Home" party.  She said it was interesting and she had a good time.  I said I had some Brownie Points stored up... :)
Playing with Carolyn's puppy. I had to work on Saturday.  Ina Sue said that her and the children actually had a good day just working around the house.  After I got home from work around 3:30 I took the trash over to the dumpsters then spent most of the rest of the afternoon working on Landon's "Gator".  We borrowed it from Uncle Robert several months ago but have never been able to get it to actually run.  After disassembling quite a bit of it I found that the forward/reverse lever was not installed correctly and was able to get it going again.  Unfortunately it seems that the battery is not very good and it didn't go very fast at all and soon wore down.  We will try to get a new battery for it.  We had tacos for supper.  After supper, Ina Sue cooked while I bathed the children and got them ready for bed.