March 19, 2011

Our Teacher Appreciation Supper. We lost an hour Sunday morning for Daylight Savings Time.  Still made it up in time to get the family ready and out the door for church.  Uncle Howard preached us a good sermon on "Humilty".  We were invited to Carl's for lunch along with Uncle Howards, Uncle Enoses, and Myrons.  A wonderful dinner of pork roast, mashed potatoes, whiteacre peas, cole slaw and pie with ice cream.  Wow!  A nice time visiting then home for short naps.  Merle Diem called me this morning and asked me to have devotions and moderate at the service this evening.  He is under the weather with bad allergies.  We had a nice song service with sections of songs on different parts of the Christian life.
Hendrick reading to the children. On Monday Carolina & I left for school and work.  Ina Sue dug into another big load of laundry.  Ina Sue also spent part of her day getting a salad ready for our party tonight.  I came home from work a little early and helped get things around.  We dropped the children off with Merle & Thelma then drove to the school for the School Board/Teachers banquet.  The school board sponsors this supper each year as one way of showing our teachers our gratitude for their service.  This year we had a fondue supper with pork, chicken and shrimp along with a salad, rice pilaf and an assortment of delicious pies.  A good supper and a very enjoyable evening with our very esteemed teachers.
My truck was almost too loaded down with lumber. Tuesday morning Ina Sue finished ironing and folding the clothes from yesterday.  I had a very normal busy day at work.  We had Hendrick over for a supper of roast beef, biscuits, ranch potatoes, green beans and salad.  We visited for a while with him on the front porch and played "Mother-May-I" with the children.
Landon helps me set the corner post. After Carolina & I left on Wednesday, Ina Sue fried up 7 lbs. of hamburger & onions for the freezer.  She also made an apple macaroon pie.  I came home a little early then I took Carolina with me on a quick trip in to Barnwell to pick up a load of lumber for our shed addition.  It was almost more than my little pickup could handle.  I drove about 35 mph on the way home and it still felt like I was on the verge of taking off into orbit somewhere... :)  We made it home though without mishap.  Ina Sue served us an aspargus quiche for supper then we went to church for prayer meeting.  After the prayer time, Danny Hege spoke on the topic of "Euthenasia".
Carolina Sue's classroom.  

I stayed home from work on Thursday to work around the house.  Ina Sue took Carolina Sue and Savannah to school then stayed for a while to sit in on her class time.  She said that Ms. Ashley is doing a wonderful job.  We are so thankful for her!   While they were off having fun, Landon and I were hard at work setting posts for our new lean-to onto our lean-to.  I basically extended the back half of our existing lean-to to make more shed space for our mower and tiller.  By the afternoon I was finishing things up.  After Carolina Sue got home from school she helped Ina Sue clean out our shop.  For supper in the evening, Ina Sue fixed us German meatballs with saurkraut and mashed potatoes.  Delicious!  After supper we arranged our "stuff" back into the shop and the shed then took some bike rides around the neighborhood.  A wonderful day together with family!

Almost ready for the T111. Carolina Sue had a substitute teacher on Friday.  Andrea Skrivseth was covering for Ms. Ashley while she traveled to a wedding.  Ina Sue did her weekly cleaning.  The pollen that is covering everything right now is about to give her a fit but she has decided not to clean the porches until the pollen is done falling.  We had ham & egg salad on homemade rye bread for supper then took a long walk.  Landon is really starting to get the hang of his little bike.  We need to help him get started but then he can really take off.
Cleaning out the shop. Saturday was another great day at home.  I wish I had off every Saturday!  I started out working to clean out our existing lean-to and re-organizing to make the most of our space.  After I got everything arranged we had room for all our many children's "vehicles" as well as our bikes, mower and tiller.  Looks so much better.  Ina Sue and the children worked at spreading pine straw on the front shrubbery beds.  I helped on that for a while too. 
Spreading pine straw. I sprayed both of our new lean-to and the new pump house with a sealant to protect the wood.  Ina Sue spent most of the afternoon cooking for tomorrow.  We planted some zucchini and squash in the garden.  I washed the car after supper then helped get the children all bathed and in bed.