March 5, 2011

Enjoying a snack on the porch. Slept in a bit on Sunday then had to rush to get everybody ready for church.  Bro. Ron preached this morning on "The Home".  I was challenged again to continue to grow to be the parent God wants me to be...  After church we had a fellowship meal at the school.  Lots of good food and fellowship there.  We left before too late and got the children home in time for pans.  We went to church again in the evening for our last night of revivals.  Ron preached on the vital question "Are you Ready?
Ina Sue insisted on cleaning up the cabbages. Ina Sue said she had a gigantic load of wash today because of all the church last week.  Carolina and I left for school and work at the normal time.  My brother Nevin and I are doing weight loss accountability this year and I need to knock off a couple pounds by the end of the month or I will have to pay his wife $25.  Arrrggh!  I fasted all day!  Thankfully, Ina Sue fed the children supper before I got home from work.  I played with the children then helped get them all in bed.  I went back in to work for several hours.
Then we slawed them up. Our family hit two milestones on Tuesday.  First, Landon learned to ride his little bike, then Carolina Sue finally lost one of her top front teeth.  She is Miss SnaggleTooth now.  After a quick breakfast I headed off to work.  Ina Sue worked most of the morning finishing up the laundry and ironing from yesterday.  I came home from work a little early and took the children along with me on the route to check the Govan water meters.  Ina Sue fixed us a wonderful supper of cheddar meat loaves, baked potatoes, and green beans.  After supper we worked at slawing up cabbage for saurkraut.  Last week Reid's had cabbage on sale for 25 cents a lb.  So I bought 12 heads and just have not had a chance until now to get them slawed up.  I thought it would just about fill up my 6 gallon bucket but it actually only filled it about half way until I got it packed down good.
then packed them in this bucket to sour. We had a wonderful day on Wednesday.  I was able to take off from work all day.  Ina Sue took Carolina to school then she came home and we planted garden.  Onions, potatoes, strawberries, herbs, and more lettuce.  Ina Sue vacuumed out the car while I mowed the yard.  We had tuna melts for supper then I kept Savannah & Claudia while Ina Sue took Landon & Carolina with her to prayer meeting.  We stayed home because the girls both seem to have pink eye and we are afraid of it being contagious.  Ina Sue said that Uncle Howard led the discussion after prayer time on "Whetting Our Children's Appetites for Spiritual Things".  Patrick Heatwole's were rear-ended as they waited to turn into the church this evening.  Thankfully no one was injured but it did total their minivan.
Carolina Sue will have a hard time with corn on the cob. Thursday was a beautiful day.  It started off a little cool but warmed up nicely.  I was back at work again.  Ina Sue did laundry and worked around the house.  When Carolina Sue got home from school Ina Sue got her started sewing a new dress for herself.  We had grilled hotdogs, baked beans, and cole slaw for supper.  Carolina Sue had been wanting me to teach her how to play Rook so I got her started by teaching her to play "Up and Down the River" this evening.
Our little thumbsucker... Friday found me at work and Ina Sue doing the normal weekly cleaning.  In the evening we did something special and took the children with us up to the "Farmhouse Auction" in Denmark.  Carolyn Heatwole was helping serve food from the food stand and had given us a special invitation.  We enjoyed the "entertainment" and bought our supper there.  Only spent $1 on the auction so it was pretty cheap entertainment. :)
An evening at the Farmhouse Auction. Saturday was Ina Sue's birthday.  Unfortunately I had to work at the shop today.  Ina Sue got ambitious and got her, Claudia and Carolina Sue up early and they went up to the flea market.  I took Savannah and Landon with me into the shop.  Ina Sue found a few bargains then stopped by the Calvary school to check out the material truck that was coming through.  She picked up Landon & Savannah around 11:30 and took them home with her.  I got off at 3:00 and picked up pizza for Ina Sue's birthday supper.  Got the children in bed by 8:30 then we got to knock off.