February 12, 2011

An evening at Andy's with Wesley B. I stayed home from church with Landon, Savannah & Claudia on Sunday while Ina Sue took Carolina Sue along with her.  Landon & Savannah still have some fever.  Bro. Gary preached on "Conversion".  By the time they got home from church I had dinner almost ready to eat.  Grilled steaks, chicken & mushrooms, sweet-onion cornbake, and a salad.  We took naps in the afternoon.  Andy's had invited us over there for supper but we weren't sure the children would be feeling well enough.  After they got up from their naps I took Savannah & Landon on a little walk and they seemed to be doing fairly well.  We warned Andy's that they might still be infected with something but they said to bring them on.  Wesley Burkholder was down from Virginia so the evening was largely in his honor.  We had a  very nice time visiting and the children did pretty good.   We left before too last so that we could get the children in bed.
Hendrick was there also. Monday was a rainy day so Ina Sue had to do the laundry drying inside.  Savannah still had a fever this morning.  I went to work but came home for a little bit over lunch to bring home some medicine and to help with the sick children for a little.  We had leftovers for supper.
The children listened to a cd-book in the basement. By Tuesday it seemed like the children were over their fever but still had a lot of coughing and general grouchiness.  Carolina Sue & I left for school and work.  Ina Sue spent the day ironing and taking care of children.  She made us delicious steak fajitas for supper.  When I got home Carolina Sue and I ate our supper really quick then rode with Carl ofter to Georgia for a finance meeting.  Duane and Janice hosted the meeting and served us a delicious snack afterward of soft pretzels and other goodies.  It was about 11:30 before we got home.
Claudia loved our egg rolls. There was still a lot of coughing and sniffling at our house on Wednesday.  Ina Sue has been getting a bit tired of being stuck at home every day with sick children.  When I got to work and saw that most of my work was caught up, I called her and suggested that she hurry and get ready to go on a shopping trip.  I came home and took care of the children for the rest of the day while she drove to Aiken for a recreational shopping afternoon.  She says she had a blast.  Spent most of her time at Hobby Lobby.  She just loves that store!  Ina Sue had fried up the hamburger for lasagna so I finished making two baking dishes of that.  Took one down the road to Diane Ocker and baked the other one for our supper along with green beans and carrots.  After we ate a quick supper I had to leave for a school board meeting.  Home by a little after 10:00
Posing for her 10 month picture. Thursday was an uneventful day with me at work and Ina Sue doing laundry and cooking.  We had egg rolls for supper.  After supper I played with the children.  After they were in bed I typed up the minutes for our school board meeting.

Carolina Sue had show and tell at school on Friday.  She took an Alaskan and a Guatamalan doll along for her part.  Ina Sue did the Friday cleaning.  Fixed us a ham broccoli roll for supper along with zipper peas.  After supper we took a snack of strawberry shortcake over to Daryl & Sharon and spent a nice evening visiting with them.

The Lighthouse at Cabo Rojo I had to work on Saturday at the shop.  We heard today of the tragedy in Puerto Rico where a young man (Casey Gingerich) who was there on a mission trip, fell off of the cliff at Cabo Rojo and was killed.  We have been to that very location several times on sightseeing outings and can only imagine what it must have been like...  We are praying for his friends and family.  Ina Sue baked a batch of cookies.  When I got home from work I washed the car and cleaned up outside.  Ina Sue made us waffles with sausage gravy for supper.  Yum!  After supper I helped get the children bathed and in bed.  Ina Sue did some cooking for tomorrow while I worked on some of these journal pages and studied for Sunday school.