February 5, 2011

Bugs in a rug... Thankfully, everyone slept great Saturday night and we woke up refreshed on Sunday.  Evidently the children were worn out from their busy day of play.  We went to church at the Heritage Bible School chapel.  Amos Esh was visiting from NYP and had the talk.  We enjoyed sitting in on the Sunday School classes taught by the students.  Jesse Hege taught my Sunday school class and did a good job.  The cooks served us another wonderful meal.  Roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and a salad bar.  Pies for dessert.  Unfortunately I was still  feeling a bit queegly on my stomach so I ate almost nothing.  We let the children play some last minute games with Aunt Lola while we went up to Dad's to pack up.  We got on the road by about 2:30 and got back to Govan at 5:45.  In the evening we went to church at Barnwell for a song service.  It is good we went because there were not many people there.  The men's chorus was off giving a program so that took quite a few people away...
Landon loves Grandpa's trains. Monday was a drizzly day.  I was off to work and Carolina Sue to school.  Ina Sue had a big batch of laundry to do but finished up the ironing and everything by about 9:30 in the evening.  Carl offered to take Landon along with him to Hampton to the John Deere store.  What a happy camper Landon was!  We had hominy with ham gravy for supper along with some carrots for our veggy.  Carl had finished curing our bacons and sliced them up so nice for us.  After the children were in bed we spent an hour or so wrapping them up for the freezer.  It smells wonderful with a nice smokey aroma. 
Tom and his partner in cooking.... We had leftover hominy along with puddins for breakfast on Tuesday.  I helped get the children all ready and loaded in the van for Ina Sue.  She took all of them along with her and dropped Carolina Sue off at school then went up and helped with sewing circle.  She said that she knotted and hemmed comforters.  The children did fine but Landon didn't seem to be feeling well when they came home in the afternoon.  He went straight to bed when they got home and was still in bed when I got home from work.  Ina Sue fixed stuffed pasta shells for supper with corn and a salad.  Since this is the first of February I worked after supper to get the Govan water bills printed and ready to send out.
The fields are purple with some kind of weed this year. Carolina and I went to school on Wednesday.  Andy had asked me to have devotions for their chapel period.  I talked about how I serve God through my work.  Ina Sue wanted to come along and visit the school but she had to stay home with Landon.  He has a fever and clearly is not feeling well.  She worked today on our finances and some scrapbooking.  Sausage potato quiche for supper then Carolina Sue, Savannah & I went to church for prayer meeting.  Nelson Hochstetler led the discussion on "Why we Believe in a Literal 6-Day Creation".  There was some good discussion...  The church also took council this evening and voted to go ahead and ordain two ministers and a deacon during the next 8 months.  Seems pretty big!
Claudia in her swing. Ina Sue was feeling sick on Thursday.  She had a bad cold, and a headache.  She told me to go ahead and go to work.  I had a pretty busy day but was able to get off in time to drive to Bamberg and give blood for Daryl B.  Got home around 4:30 and made supper of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for the children.  Ina Sue caught up on her rest in the evening while I entertained the children.

Ina Sue thankfully was feeling better on Friday.  She cleaned the house.  I took Carolina Sue to school and then on to work.  Landon & Savannah both still seem to have a little fever.  It was rainy today.  Ina Sue fixed us a light supper of tostones and a tossed salad.

Playing with her blocks. It was still rainy when we woke up Saturday morning.  After breakfast I took the three oldest children with me on a grocery run to Piggly Wiggly.  Ina Sue made us a delicious batch of cinnamon buns for a late morning snack.  I spent most of the day doing misc. tasks inside.  Grandpa & Grandma surprised us by ringing our doorbell around 5:00.  They had needed to make a quick trip to Barnwell from Hartwell and decided to stop in for an impromptu visit.  We were thrilled to have them  join us for supper.  A wonderful time with them but they had to leave before to late to head back to Hartwell.  Landon and Savannah are still not back to normal.