January 29, 2011

Our two littlest "jewels" Gary Hege preached for us at Barnwell Sunday morning on "The Christian Family".  A good message.  Ina Sue took lunch along with us and sent it home with Patricks to help welcome little baby Ariel.  We on the other hand were invited to Wendell Heatwole's for lunch.  A delicious meal of ham, mashed potatoes, corn, baked asparagus, and raspberry cake for dessert.  What a feast!  Uncle Howards and Leon Duecks were also there with us.  After the visiting we came home and took naps.  Had hummus, chips, carrots, celery  & bars for supper then went back to church in the evening.  Patrick had a really good topic on "Lessons from the Early Church".  He is quite a gifted speaker.
Games after supper with the Kurtzes Monday morning I dropped Carolina Sue off at school and headed to work.  Ina Sue did the laundry.  It was a pretty day.  It seems like Spring is about ready to spring...  Ina Sue worked on Savannah's potty training today and got pretty frustrated.  I am very thankful to have Hendrick back in the shop again after his term teaching at Heritage Bible School.  It is not much fun trying to do the work of two men...  We had subs for supper then I worked for a while re-mounting our dishwasher and putting down shoe mold in the kitchen.  Also put a new door sweep on the back door to keep the cold out.
Strites & Kurtzes in a row. I was busy all day at work on Tuesday.  Ina Sue finished the ironing then made a big double batch of granola.  We go through piles of homemade granola.  Landon says he "loves 'nola".  Ina Sue fixed us spaghetti and corn for supper then she left for a Tupperware party at Glenda Hege's.  I fed the children then entertained them all evening with stories and games.  It is cold tonight with wind and rain.
Two proud Mommies. It was still rainy Wednesday morning when Carolina and I left.  Ina Sue did scrapbooking today along with keeping the three youngest.  After I got home from work I kept the children again while Ina Sue went in to Barnwell for a back appointment and to do some shopping.  After Ina Sue got back home we worked for a little while trying to get her misc. printed out recipes all organized on the computer.  Didn't get along very far...
A good game of Uno. On Thursday I was back at work.  Ina Sue did a small batch of laundry and vacuumed out the car.  The children spent quite a bit of the day playing outside.  The sun is shining again.  We had potato-ham casserole for supper and were scheduled to go to the nursing home with our small group in the evening.  Our leader called us though and said that the nursing home wanted to cancel because of all the flu going around.  So we spent another nice evening at home with our own little family.
Watching the volleyball tournament. We got up and starting working in good time on Friday.  I dropped Carolina Sue off at school then went in to work for several hours.  I was able to get back home by around 12:30 and helped Ina Sue get the place cleaned up and everything packed for our weekend trip.  We picked Carolina Sue up at school at 3:00 and drove up to Hartwell to see our cousin Lola and my parents.  Lola is the secretary at Heritage Bible School this year.  We actually were invited to Sam & Bonnie Kurtz's for supper so we went directly to their home.  Sam grilled us up some wonderful steaks to go along with Bonnies' potatoes, carrots & salad.  A scrumptious feast!  The children all enjoyed playing together.  We adults played a fun new game called "Panic".  I had brought a new laptop along for Sam so after we got done visiting and playing I helped him get it setup and data copied to it.  It was pretty late before we got back over to Hartwell Center to Dad's.  Thankfully they still hadn't gone to bed so we talked to them a while then go the children bedded down in the living room.  The bed felt awful good after the long day.
Claudia is not sure what to make of Dave Gingerich. Unfortunately, we did not get to enjoy much of the night.  Claudia was very restless and kept waking up and crying.  We almost never have trouble with her at home but the new surroundings must have unsettled her.  We go up in time Saturday to go down to the dining room for breakfast at 8:30.  Ms. Bonnie Peachey had gotten up early and made a big batch of fresh doughnuts to go along with the breakfast casserole.  Delicious!  The Bible School was having their volleyball tournament today so we sat around and watched that for a while.  We took Dads & Lola out for dinner at a local restaurant and had a nice time visiting.  In the afternoon the children and wife took their naps.  We played some games then went down for a supper of hamburgers and hotdogs.  After supper the teams finished up their tournament.  We were impressed to hear that cousin Lola's team ended up as the champs.  Go Lola!  We bedded down at Dads and Claudia seemed to sleep much better tonight.  I'm feeling a little off my feed though with a slightly queasy stomach....