January 22, 2011

Digging for toys. Sunday morning we were back at church at Barnwell.  Bro. Mark preached on "The Purpose of Prayer".  After church we came home and had a dinner of ham balls, sweet potatoes, baked pineapple, and zipper peas.  We all got in nice naps in the afternoon then since we didn't have church in the evening we had a nice "family" evening playing Dutch Blitz, Uno etc.   Mommy made us soft pretzels for supper.
Landon feeds her bottle. I was back at work again on Monday and Ina Sue was hard at work on the weekly laundry.  She said that Landon was in a terrible mood all day. :(  Then it rained on her clothes hanging on the line.  Some days just are that way!  In the evening Leon & Beth brought their children over for babysitting.  So, our evening was pretty much filled up trying to entertain 7 little ones between 0 and 6. 
Cutting up magazines. Tuesday morning found us up really early taking care of a sick little girl.  Savannah threw up in her bed during the early hours so we had to get her cleaned up in the tub the strip her bed down and clean it up.  What a mess!  She was feeling pretty bad so I slept the rest of the night holding her on the couch.  The day was damp and rainy.  Ina Sue finished the ironing then had to wash all Savannah's bed sheets and covers.  I am still working my head off at the shop with Hendrick being gone.  I am really thankful though to have James Stover there.  He is a huge help even though he doesn't have a lot of technical knowledge yet.  Ina Sue moved the card table out into our back room this afternoon so that she can scrapbook while still overseeing the children.  Stuffed pasta shells, green beans and Carolina's brownies for supper.  I went over to Merle D.'s for a little in the evening to work on their computer then went into the shop until 1:30.
Entertaining the Dueck boys. Wednesday morning I headed back in to work at the normal time.  Ina Sue spent some of her day scrapbooking.  It warmed up nicely today and was a really nice day.  In the evening we ate a quick supper then hurried to get ready for prayer meeting.  Leon Dueck led the discussion time on "The Imminent Return of Christ".  After prayer meeting the school board met for a meeting.  Got kinda late for the children.  Came home and had a quick milkshake then bed.
Family Time.... :( Thursday was another busy day for me at the shop.  Ina Sue did a bit of laundry and scrapbooked.  She fixed us a delicious supper of ham and asparagus gravy over toast.  After supper we spent some time playing with the children then finally got to bed.

It was colder on Friday.  I headed off to work and dropped Carolina Sue off at school.  Since I have not had much time off with the family, Ina Sue brought the children in to Barnwell in the evening to eat with me.  We ate at Mi Rancho and had a nice but somewhat stressful meal with all the youngsters.  Afterward, Ina Sue went to Walmart for groceries then took the children home and got them to bed.  I stayed in and worked to get the service department caught up.  With Hendrick gone it seems that I spend all day doing my on-site calls then have to spend the nights doing the carry-in work. 

Barnwell's 10 babies from the last year (7 girls, 3 boys) Saturday found me back at work again.  Ina Sue cooked, scrapbooked, and took care of children.  The shop closes at 3:00 on Saturdays so I was able to get home and have part of the afternoon to work around the house.  Ina Sue cut my and Landon's hair.  She made us a scrumptious "Loaded Potato Soup" for supper.  Afterward, we got the children all bathed then read their stories and got us all bed.