January 15, 2011

Diggin' into an orange Landon and Savannah were both sick Sunday morning so I took Carolina Sue with me to church while Ina Sue stayed home with the three youngest.  Earl Barnhart preached at Barnwell this morning on "Bible Translations and Interpretations".  A good sermon.  I especially like his point that my life is in a sense a translation of the Bible and may be the only translation that some people see.  When we got home from church Ina Sue had dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, baked corn & salad waiting for us.  We all took naps in the afternoon then stayed home with our sick children in the evening.
Our house in icy winter Ina Sue woke up at 3:30 Monday morning and could not get back to sleep.  So, she got up and got the laundry sorted and in the washer then came back to bed.  Savannah woke us up wailing around 5:00.  She had thrown up in her bed with all its accompanying mess. :(  Poor girl, we got her in the bath tub then stripped down her bed and remade it.  I held her in my arms on the couch until time to get up at 7:00.  It is a frigid day with lots of ice on the trees and road.  School was called off and we decided not to open the shop until 11:00.  I made us eggs in ham nests for breakfast then drove carefully in to work around 9:30.  Ina Sue finished the laundry and worked for a while re-organizing some of the cabinets in the kitchen.  Since she has moved some of the dishes to the new china press it opens up new possibilities for the kitchen cabinets.  She fixed us a delicious supper of creme puffs with beef salad and noodles.  A relaxing evening but I am still not back to normal yet.  My gut just can't seem to settle down.
A coat of ice on everything Tuesday was still pretty icy.  They decided to put school off for 1 hour.  I dropped Carolina Sue off on my way to work.  We had another really busy day at work.  Ina Sue fried up about 5lbs of hamburger to have ready for her cooking.  She heard from a fried that it is so handy to fry up the hamburger with seasoning and onions then have it ready to use in the freezer.  I came home and ate supper with the family then went back in to work at 8:00.  Worked until 1:00.
Nandina in ice Wednesday was another cold day with me at work and Carolina at school.  Ina Sue spent most of the morning redoing all the Christmas pictures of our friends on the fridge door.  She fixed us potato ham bake and kale for supper then I went to a school board meeting at the school.  Mary Korver and her children came over to help pick out pecans and visit with Ina Sue. 
Ms. Mary kindly helped pick out pecans We had waffles for breakfast on Thursday then Carolina & I left for our places of employment.  Ina Sue thinks that the children are basically over their sickness.  Savannah is still cutting her molars though and is pretty grouchy.  Ina Sue tried a new recipe for onion rings for supper.  Delicious, but the children did not seem to be impressed.  After the children were in bed I went back in to work.  I was determined to get the service department all caught up.  I worked till 6:30 the next morning but still didn't get everything done...  Oh well, I did feel good about what I accomplished.
The children's playhouse. I didn't get home from work until 6:30 Friday morning.  I rested for a half hour in the tub then got ready and left for work again at 8:00.  Ina Sue cleaned the house, washed the floors and took care of sad children.  I thought she sounded like she needed a break so I came home and picked up Landon after lunch and took him with me on a service call to Hampton.  Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for supper.  I brought home "Good Humor" ice cream sandwiches for a treat.  We were all in bed for the night at 9:00.
The interior view. I was working again at the shop on Saturday.  Ina Sue spent most of the morning cooking while the children cut up scraps and scrapbooked.  Lots of fun and LOTS of MESS!  After I got home I took the trash over to the dump,  pruned some trees, and washed the car.  Ina Sue got the children all bathed then we went over to Don Heatwoles for a pizza supper with salad, chips and strawberry shortcake.  A very nice evening with friends.