January 8, 2011

The Showalter ladies in their new finery. I woke up on Sunday feeling very queegly...  Was afraid I was going to throw up but never did.  I was able to help get the children fed and clothed for church but decided that I had better not go myself.  After everybody else left I started to feel worse.  Chills and fever.  I took a hot bath then went up and spent the rest of the morning under the covers.  After the rest got back from church Mother put on her normal sumptuous spread for dinner.  She had turkey, rolls, twice baked potatoes, dressing balls, succotash, salad, cranberry salad, ambrosia and a chocolate Yule log.  It looked delicious but I know I had better not eat anything.  I held Claudia and fed her lunch so that Ina Sue could enjoy her meal a bit better.  We started packing up after lunch and left around 3:00.  I felt terrible with aches and chills but was able to drive most of the way home.  Mother packed us some turkey sandwiches so the others ate on the road.  Got back to Govan around 10:15
Visiting around the Lunch Table. I felt miraculously much better Monday morning when I got up.  I headed off to work.  It was a beautiful day so Ina Sue was able to hang her laundry out on the line.  This was the last day of Christmas vacation for Carolina Sue.  She is ready to get back to school again but Ina Sue said it was so nice to have her help today.  For supper we had rice and hash with a broccoli casserole.  After supper I played with the children, read them their stories and tucked them in bed then went back to work.  With Hendrick teaching at Heritage Bible school again this year, I have to do all my regular work plus his...  We are not really looking forward to the next three weeks.   I got home from work around 3:30am.
A Neatly decorated Yule Log. I dropped Carolina Sue off at school again on my way to work on Tuesday.  While we were in Virginia we found out that Uncle Paul Hofers were going to be driving down to Floriday later in the week.  We begged them to stop in and see us on their way through.  They called last evening and said that they would drop in for a short visit this afternoon but were not sure of the exact time.  They called Ina Sue around 2:00 and said that they had gotten left late and that it would probably be supper time before they got here.  Ina Sue asked them to please stay for supper and they agreed.  I came home from work a little early and helped Ina Sue get supper ready.  They actually didn't get here until 8:30, so we ate a late supper.  We had such a great time visiting with them and asked them to please stay overnight instead of going on to a motel.  They finally agreed so we settled down to more visiting.  Got to bed around 12:00.
The Cousins Playing with Play Doh after lunch. We got up early on Wednesday and made breakfast casserole for our guests.  They were wanting to get on their way before too late.  We had a nice relaxed breakfast together then helped them get packed up for the rest of their journey.  They left around 8:00 and Carolina Sue and I left for work and school.  We were so glad that Uncle Pauls took the time to stop in and see us.  They live in Alberta and I doubt they will ever make it back to Govan again, so it was quite a treat to have them.  I started feeling sick again during the day with stomach and gut discomfort and a fever.  Ina Sue took the three oldest children with her to prayer meeting in the evening while I stayed home and kept Claudia.  Ina Sue would have loved to stay home as well but she had been asked to have the children's class for the 5-7 year-olds.
Landon & Claudia Thursday was a rainy day.  I still wasn't feeling well and would have loved to have stayed home in bed but with no one to cover the service department I headed off to work at the normal time.  Ina Sue made a big double batch of granola then worked on our finances in Quicken.  When I got home from work we had tacos for supper.  Now Savannah seems to have a fever.  If the rest of my family gets sick too I'm  not sure how we are going to manage....
Uncle Paul & Savannah. Ms. Ashley was sick with the flu on Friday so school was canceled for the first graders.  I dragged myself through work again today.  I have enough service work backed up that I should work late but am not sure my constitution would be able to handle it.  Ina Sue did the Friday cleaning then made us lebanon balogna gravy over rice with field peas for supper.  Yum!  One of our favorites!
Uncle Paul, Aunt Lula, Anthony, Edward & Amber. Landon threw up in his bed early Saturday morning so we had to get him up and cleaned up.  Poor guy!   I made us pancakes for breakfast then headed in to work.  Whatever illness I have has migrated from my gut into my head.  Now I am terribly congested and achy.  I had a good but very busy day and was able to catch up a little on the service dept.  After I got home from work I took care of the children while Ina Sue did some shopping and filled the van up with gas.