December 25, 2010

Caroling at Daryls. Uncle Howard preached at Barnwell on Sunday on "God's Gift of Love".  After we got home I put together dinner for us.  I tried a copy-cat recipe of O'Charley's "Prime Rib Pasta" with steak and asparagus.  It was good but not quite up to the original.  I think I would like to try it again and fine tune a thing or two.  We took our regular Sunday naps then went to church in the evening for a Christmas song service.  I was asked to have children's meeting so Carolina & I did "Davey's First Christmas" with some commentary.
The snack afterward. Ina Sue got up at 5:30 to get an early start on the laundry Monday.  I got up soon after and made us breakfast then Carolina & I headed off to school & work.  Ina Sue was surprised and thrilled when Nelson Hochstetler's boys showed up and unexpectedly started cleaning the leaves off of our yard.  I had been very disappointed not to be able to get the place cleaned up on Saturday, but I certainly did not expect them to show up and do the work for me...  They worked hard nearly all day and have the place looking so much better.  They are hard working guys!  Ina Sue finished up the laundry then made us parmesan catfish, oven fries & green beans for supper.  After supper we worked together picking out and candying nuts for my customers, employees & service folks.  We candied four batch of nuts and made up about 17 bags to give out.
Carolina's little gingerbread house from school Carolina Sue had a half day of school on Tuesday.  Some of the church ladies served hot brunch at school this morning.  Ina Sue did the ironing and some sewing.  Nelson's boys came back to finish up the lawn project.  What a wonderful feeling to have that all done!  In the evening we went Christmas caroling in Barnwell with our small group and two other groups.  We had a beautiful evening for caroling and ended up at the school for the snack.

I headed off to work on Wednesday without Carolina Sue.  She is starting a nearly two week Christmas vacation.  Ina Sue packed up the children later in the morning and took them up to the town square to pick up a few more pecans.  After they got back home the children spent time playing on the back deck with Carolina Sue's new sidewalk chalk.  Ina Sue fixed us a Reuben loaf and a salad for supper.  In the evening we played with the children until they went to bed then I worked on some of these pages. 

Our Christmas supper. I left at 5:45 Thursday morning to head to Hartwell.  I picked up Nevin in Augusta and we made it up to the Hartwell center by a little after 9:00.  My Dad had an unfortunate accident with the 25-pair buried telephone cable that runs between Fellowship Hall & the boys dorms.  So, Nevin and I spent the first while toning out the pairs and trying to patch enough of them to hook up the bells, intercoms & telephones for Bible School.  After we got that done we had to spend several hours running down bad pairs and getting all the others locations working and tested.  We also ran a network cable over to Fellowship Hall so that the professors there could have internet access.
Claudia opens her gift. Mom fed us a wonderful lunch of pork & saurkraut, beans, potatoes, and other goodies I don't remember...   We got back to work and by the time we got everything hooked up and tested it was about 7:30.  We headed home and I dropped Nevin off then made the mistake of going into Walmart for some quick grocery shopping.  I hate that  place!  I stood in line for over 45 minutes before I finally got on the road.  Made it back to Govan around 11:20.  Meanwhile at home, Ina Sue spent her day sewing her new dress and taking care of the children.  She also made a batch of French bread.
I got a "barrel of combs" :) Friday was Christmas Eve.  I went in to work in the morning but we shut down the shop at 1:00.  Ina Sue spent the morning cleaning and cooking.  After I got home we just had a restful afternoon & evening.  Ina Sue made us horseradish meatballs, stuffed potates, zipper peas, and peanut butter pie for our supper.  After supper we played games together and Ina Sue got her new china press all cleaned and ready to be filled.
Ina Sue works at stuffing her new china press. We had a wonderful Christmas Day 2011 at home here with our own little family on Saturday.  Ina Sue fixed us egg muffins for breakfast.  We gave our children their little gifts.  Carolina Sue got a pair of 2nd hand roller blades and Landon got a (new for him) bicycle.  Savannah got some little garden tools.  We took a long walk in the afternoon to let the children try out their roller blades & bicycle.  In the later afternoon Ina Sue and Carolina went over to Carl's and picked up some more pecans.  Marcia's dad Lynford Miller actually had already picked up a bunch of them for us.  I stayed home and made pizza for our supper.  I also made us a lemon blueberry trifle for our dinner tomorrow.  We had a restful evening with reading books and games.  I studied for the Sunday school lesson tomorrow.  A number of men from church are scheduled to meet with Daryl each Sunday for sunday school.  I am scheduled for tomorrow.  Ina Sue spent much of the evening putting dishes in her new china press.