December 4, 2010

Fell asleep "reading" her book. We drove by Daryl & Myrons new chicken house site on our way to church on Sunday. It looks like they have the grading and the pads nearly ready for construction. Bro. Gary preached this morning on "Trusting God in the Good Times & Bad" from the book of Job. We came home to a dinner of turkey, sweet potatoes, kale, and pumpkin pie. We all took short naps then took a walk together. It seems to be cooling down a bit. In the evening we went to church for a Thanksgiving song service. After church we went over to Don's for a snack. A lot of the youth were there too.
Starting on our pump house. Carolina Sue was happy to go back to school again on Monday. Ina Sue did the normal washing, sewing & ironing. After I got home from work we ate supper of fried ham, sweet potatoes & gravy, and green beans. Then I went out and worked until late putting the roof on the pump house. Have it all dried in now. After the children were in bed Ina Sue and I loaded our huge ferns on the back of the truck and carted them over to Carl's greenhouse for the winter.
I still wasn't done by dark... After Carolina Sue and I left on Tuesday, Ina Sue made more granola then did some more sewing. After school let out she took Carolina Sue, Landon & Claudia to the doctors office for their shots. She said they had to wait a very long time. I took Savannah with me on a service call to Lexington. We didn't get back until about 7:30. Ina Sue met us at Pizza Hut in Bamberg for supper. We had two free pizzas from Carolina Sue's Bookit program. So, her and Landon shared their pizzas with Savannah. Ina Sue and I shared a pasta platter. Good and relatively inexpensive. After we got home Ina Sue helped Carolina Sue get started sewing up sausage bags for our butchering day next week.
Still needs the roofing.

Ina Sue didn't sleep well at all and woke up feeling pretty rough on Wednesday. She said the day went fairly well though. She did some sewing. After Carolina Sue got home from school she whipped through the rest of the sausage bags and asked for more. I got home from work and helped get the children all ready for church. After the prayer portion of the meeting, Aden D. led the discussion on "Witnessing".
Balloons for the children. I took Carolina Sue to school on Thursday then came home and kept Claudia while Ina Sue too Landon & Savannah along with her to the sewing circle Christmas caroling. Actually Ina Schrock offered to keep Savannah so Ina Sue just took Landon with her. After Ina Sue got back I drove around town and checked the water meters then printed out the bills and got them ready to go. We were planning to go over to Hephzibah for their music conference with Harold Dean Miller. Unfortunately we were running a bit tight getting left and then found out that the service actually started at 7:00 instead of 7:30. We decided to call it off... So, instead we had a nice evening at home, then after the children were in bed I went in to the shop for several hours
Mayor Ganus gives his "State of the Town" speech... Ina Sue did the regular cleaning on Friday. I spent the day at work. When I got home the house was full of children. Bethany had dropped her children off there at 3:00. I helped get the children all fed with tater tot casserole then spent the rest of the evening reading to and playing with the children.
Two proud papas. Joel & Randy w/ Sadie & Daisy Saturday was a busy day for both of us. I had to work at the shop and rushed to get all my projects completed. Ina Sue spent most of her day cooking. After I got home Ina Sue cut my hair then we got things ready and went over to the Govan Fire Dept. for their Christmas supper. A nice time visiting with our neighbors. Came home afterward and did the Saturday evening cleanup and baths.