November 27, 2010

A pastural scene on the way to church Mark Hochstetler preached Sunday morning on "Divorce & Remarriage". A good sermon on a difficult topic. We came home for a dinner of soul food (creamed hominy, ham gravy, carrots & salad). After lunch we took a long walk around the community. After we got back we took naps. Had Hendrick over for soft pretzels in the evening. Myron & Jane stopped in for a while.
Cutting up the Thanksgiving turkey Carolina Sue is off from school all this week for Thanksgiving & ACSI teachers convention. Ina Sue was happy to have her at home to help with the laundry on Monday. I put in a day at work then came home for a delicious supper of bologna gravy over rice and a salad. We cleaned up the house and folded the last of the clothes after supper. Then read the children their stories and put them to bed.
The Mule Barn. Ina Sue and I got up and walked Tuesday morning. After I left for work Ina Sue and the children made up a double batch of craisin and white chocolate cookies. She finished up the ironing then got our finances caught up in Quicken. We had an aspargus quiche and zipper peas for supper. Ina Sue has come down with a sore throat so after supper she rested while I got two turkeys done up with marinade and soaking in the fridge.
Ladies enjoy stimulating conversation... I had a busy day at work on Wednesday but took off a little early. Came home then took the children with me over to the mule barn to clean it up for our Thanksgiving dinner. Uncle Howard very kindly came over to and helped me. It didn't take long and when I got home Ina Sue had us waffles and sausage gravy waiting for us. I put both turkeys in the oven to roast tonight.
...while the men debate serious topics I got up about 5:00 on Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) and got my turkeys out of the oven. It took me about 2 hours to get them all carved up and deboned. I actually used two different recipes. I love turkeys done Puerto Rico style with lots of garlic. I did one turkey that way and the other in a herb rub. They were both pretty good, I thought. Ina Sue made us breakfast of cheese grits and sausages. Then we made 5 gallons of tea and a batch of gravy then headed over to the barn. This year we were in charge of the carry-in event for all the folks who didn't have other plans for the holiday. We were pleased to have a good turnout of about 50 people. Delicious food and a good time fellowshipping. After the folks left we cleaned up the barn then stopped in at Carl's again to pick up a few more pecans. We snacked for supper then Ina Sue sewed a while. I made up a breakfast casserole to take in to the shop for my employees in the morning.
and the youth enjoy the beautiful outdoors. I went in to work at 7:00 on Friday with breakfast for my employees. They had opened up the church at 5:00 for the Radioshack "Black Friday" sales. We had a pretty busy day with pretty good sales. Unfortunately, for all the sales we actually lost money by selling items under our cost. :( Ina Sue said she had a rough day with fussy children but she did get the cleaning done. We had cream puffs with turkey filling and carrots for supper. A restful evening at home.
Our kitties dwelling together in unity... :) I was thrilled to have off on Saturday. Ina Sue made us breakfast burritos for supper. I spent most of the day building a pump house to cover our well. Got it mainly built but still need to put plywood & shingles on the roof. It was a little bit nippy today. Ina Sue and the children organized the children's shoe cabinet. She also did a bunch of cooking and some sewing. We had pizza for supper and got the children all bathed. Then I took the whole vanload of little goobers with me to RiteAid while Ina Sue vacummed and straightened up the house.