November 20, 2010

Roy & Arlene Gingerich Roy & Arlene left around 7:45 Sunday morning to go to the New Holland for their first program. We got the children ready and went to church at Barnwell. Uncle Byard was there to preach the sermon. He preached on "Misplaced Affections". Afterward Ina Sue was the designated hostess so we invited Uncle Byards, Duane Stovers & Ms. Ashley. Ina Sue fixed us a feast of French bread, chicken & ham lasagna, salad, and pumpkin cake. A good time visiting then short naps before church in the evening. A topical program on "Thankfulness".
Dwayne & Glenda Stover w/ Damien & Cassie Ina Sue finished up the ironing on Tuesday while I headed off to work. She kept Erica Korver during the morning. It was a rainy day. She made granola. For supper we had broccoli soup and ham & cheese sandwiches. After supper I went over and visited with Bro. Daryl while Ina Sue kept the children. Bro. Daryl is such an inspiration to me. When my turn comes to face trials I pray that I will be able to face them with the faith and confidence that he does.
Uncle Byard & Aunt Rosie Roslyn dropped off her three boys for the morning on Wednesday. She also took Carolina Sue along with her children to school so I didn't have to do that. I had a busy morning then dropped by the house after lunch and picked up Landon to go along with me on a service call to Columbia. We had to rush to get back in time to go to prayer meeting. Ina Sue cut out a new dress in the morning. We had tostones & caesar salad for supper. At prayer meeting in the evening, Bro. Floyd talked about "Living Simply". After the meeting we had school board meeting which Ina Sue thought went on way too long....
Ms. Ashley with her fan base. I went in to work early on Thursday at 7:45 then came home around 12:30 to keep the two little girls. Ina Sue did a small batch of laundry in the morning then took Landon along with her to school to help Carolina Sue's class with their ABC books. After Ina Sue got back from that I went back in to work for the rest of the day. We had pizza pie and corn for supper then drove over to Carl's and picked up pecans in the dark. Got two big buckets full. Went back home and played some games then got the children in bed.
Landon & Savannah playing with the Stover boys. I took Carolina Sue & Roslyn's children to school Friday morning on my way to work. Ina Sue cleaned the house then made pumpkin cake. Dorcas Byler stopped in for a visit with her. In the later afternoon Ina Sue took the children over to Leon & Beth's for the evening then came in and picked me up at work. We met Gordon & Gwen at Vince's restaurant in Barnwell. Good food and a very nice time talking. Afterward we did a little Walmart shopping then picked up the children.
Claudia made friends with Cindy Ina Sue got up early and left around 7:30 Saturday morning to go to the flea market by herself. She had a number of items that she was looking for the children. She was thrilled to find both items that she was looking for. Meanwhile I kept the children and cleaned up the house. We worked together to fix lunch for Steve & Cindy. Had wild rice soup, french bread, and pumpkin cake. After a nice visit over dinner, Steve & I had a short business meeting while the ladies chatted.
...while Steve & I had a mini business meeting. After Steve's left, I took the children with me over to Carl's and picked up more nuts. Then I washed the van and my work car while Ina Sue made us supper of hummus & chips. Our blender bit the dust this evening while we were trying to make the hummus.