November 13, 2010

Jonathan Schmidt expounds to the crowd. The time changed sometime Sunday morning so we had an extra hour to sleep in.  Wonderful!  There was a big crowd there for the first service.  I estimated around 500.  We had two sermons in the morning, then a delicious lunch of poor man's steak, potatoes, and peas.  In the afternoon we had a good sermon on "Encouraging the Local Body".  After the service I started putting away the chairs.  Thankfully a number of other people helped Ethan & I so it wasn't as big a job as it could have been.  Still, by the time we got everything put away it was around 5:00.  Home to Govan around 8:00.  A good weekend but it feels good to get home and rest.
Sheila Graber with Claudia and her little Georgiana Trips always make for more laundry so Ina Sue had a big pile of it to start on Monday morning.  I had a full day at work.  Ina Sue fixed us lebanon bologna gravy over rice with filed peas for supper.  Delicious!  By the time we got all the children bathed and in bed we were ready for bed ourselves.
The Magnolia Chorus holds forth. After I dropped Carolina Sue off at school and went on in to work on Tuesday, Ina Sue brought the rest of the children in with her for some babysitting while she had a back appointment.  After she got done I went back to work.  Ina Sue came home and did the ironing then in the evening she took the children in to Patricks before coming to pick me up.  We went with Carl & Grace to Aiken for supper.  He treated us as a thank-you for the bookkeeping work I do for the conference.  It certainly wasn't expected but was much appreciated.  We picked O'Charleys and had a wonderful time eating & talking.  Picked up the children from Patricks on the way home.
The Center's Illustrious caretakers. Ina Sue had her final dentist appointment on Wednesday to fill the last of her three cavities.  While she was gone I took the children with me to Wendell's and helped him get his mailing list printed out on the computer.  Ina Sue got home around 10:30 and I went on in to work.  She washed some clothes, cleaned and made us supper of hotdogs & sauerkraut. 
Landon helps me plant pansies. I stayed home from work on Thursday.  Ina Sue took Carolina Sue to school then picked up milk on the way home.  Ina Sue made French bread, and washed the windows.  I pulled out the old vinca along the walk and planed new pansies.  Also mowed and cleaned up the yard.  We had fried catfish for supper then spent the evening cooking in the kitchen.  I cut up a pumpkin and Ina Sue cooked it and put it up.
The dogwoods are really red this Fall. Ina Sue cleaned the house on Friday.  I was sick as a dog but had to go in to work anyway since Hendrick is singing with the "Heart & Voice" mens chorus.  This is a group of high falutin singers who get together each year for two days of hard practice then give programs in area churches.  Barnwell was hosting the group this year.   After I got home from work Ina Sue made us tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for supper.  Roy and Arlene Gingerich are staying with us for the weekend (he is also singing in the chorus).  Ina Sue fixed us a snack of apple lasagna for after he got back from their evening practice.
Roy & Arlene Gingerich joined us for the weekend. We served our guests breakfast casserole on Saturday then I took Roy with me and dropped him off at the church on my way to work.  Arlene stayed with Ina Sue most of the day.  Roy and Arlene went to Carl's for supper.  The chorus gave their first program this evening at Barnwell.  It was absolutely lovely to hear.  Well worth the extra work of hosting the group.  The church was packed.  Came home and served strawberry milkshakes with pepper jelly & cheese for a snack.  Roys had been planning to spend the night in Abbeville but we were glad they decided to stay here instead.