November 6, 2010

Landon finds some time for quite meditation. Ina Sue and the girls went to church without us on Sunday.  Bro. Gary preached there on "How God's Truth Affects our Lives".   They came home and ate their BarBQ lunch from yesterday.  Meanwhile, us guys at the campground slept in a little then got up and got our showers.  We had breakfast of assorted sweets & fruit then got everybody together and had "church".  We sang some songs, a few of us shared a little, then we did some Bible skits.  That was a big hit with all!  We had "Jehoshaphat and the Millstone", "Elijah, the Children & the Bear", and lastly, "Dagan and the Ark of Doom".  Kent provided a delicious lunch of Louisiana gumbo then we started packing up.  It was a wonderful weekend with good memories.  Landon & I got back to Govan around 4:30.  We rested a little, ate supper then went to church in the evening.  The service was made up mainly of poems.  I had been asked to share one so I picked "The Prodigal Son" by James Weldon Johnson.  An enjoyable service.
After Elijah puts the curse on Randy, a bear devours him.

I was at work on Monday and Ina Sue was at home with the children doing the normal laundry.  I did have a service call in the afternoon in Columbia then had to rush home in time to read the water meters since this is the first of the month. 
A final good game of Rook.... We got up Tuesday morning and got all the children ready for Ina Sue to take with her.  She dropped Carolina Sue off at school then took all the rest with her to sewing circle.  She cut out bibs for most of the morning.  She left at lunch time and drove up to Denmark to meet me.  We ate a quick lunch at McDonalds then went by Neely's Appliance to pick out a new stove.  They are going to deliver it for us tomorrow morning.  We invited Ms. Ashley over to share a Puerto Rican supper with us.  Rice & gandules, tostones, salad, fruit & cookies.  Afterward we played some games then I put the children to bed while Ina Sue and Ashley talked.
....then the inevitable cleanup I was in Orangeburg most of the day Wednesday.  Our stove came in the morning.  Ina Sue is overall pleased with it but says she will have to get used to some differences.  She did some sewing today.  We had a quic supper of ham sandwiches then went to church for prayer meeting.  Instead of a discussion this time we had open sharing time.
Our new GE stove. Thursday was rainy.  Ina Sue did her midweek laundry.  Bethany dropped her children off around 3:00.  I tell you, supper with 7 children under 7 has its own set of fun.. :)  I helped entertain the children after supper.  After Patricks picked up thier children around 9:00 I helped get ours in bed then went back in to work for several hours.
Storytime with grandma... I had several things I had to take care of in the shop Friday morning so I went in for a little.  Ina Sue started packing for our weekend.  I got back home around 10:00 and helped get everything loaded up.  We took the three youngest with us and headed for Hartwell. (Carolina will ride up after school with Gordons)  We stopped at RiteAid to pick up a steal on Combos, then drove to Augusta and let Ina Sue do a little shoe shopping at the Augusta Mall while the rest of us went through the drivethrough at Checkers.  From there we made good time and got to Hartwell around 3:00.  I was in charge of the ushering for the weekend so that included getting the chairs all setup for the services.  I had asked Ethan Milller from Abbeville to help so he was there too.  We got the chairs all setup in good time thanks to the help of some others who were already there.  Delmar Diems are doing the cooking for the weekend and they had us a delicious supper of taco salad.  The speaker for the evening was Howard Bean who spoke on "Building Upon Divine Authority".  The Barnwell Mens Chorus (or a small subset of it) sang some songs during the evening service.  We are thrilled to be able to stay in Suite 8 upstairs in Fellowship Hall.  We have stayed here before and it works so nice with our children.
People starting to roll in for the Hartwell Meetings. We slept great and woke up in time Saturday to go down for breakfast before the first service.  Jonathon Schmidt is the 2nd speaker and he alternated sermons with Bro. Howard throughout the day.  The overall theme of the weekend is "Building up the Local Brotherhood".  The cooks served us BarBQ sandwiches for lunch then Grilled chicken for supper.  Delicious food!  The Magnolia Chorus gave some songs in the evening service.  Overall the sermons have been inspiring and challenging.  The speakers have very different styles of speaking but both have well thought out and well delivered content.  The only drawback to this weekend is that between my ushering duties and keeping track for four children, it is often hard to focus on what is being shared.