October 30, 2010

James & Esther are our group leaders. The crowd at Barnwell on Sunday morning was very skimply because of the chorus being on tour.  Uncle Howard preached a good sermon though on "The 2nd Coming of Christ".  We had Uncle Enoses for lunch.  Hamloaf, biscuits, California blend veggies with mornay sauce, spiced apples and cheese ball.  We had a nice visit with them in the afternoon then took our naps.  Carl dropped by with some of his delicious oranges for us.  In the evening we were invited to Joel & Sarah's for supper.  Grilled hamburgers, veggie tray, chips & ice cream.  A very nice evening visiting with them.  Sarah's sister Eunice was also there.
Hendrick did his part of church cleaning by babysitting. Monday was the same old same old. I dropped Carolina Sue off at school on my way to work.  Ina Sue spent the day on laundry.  She hung all the clothes out to dry and was just about to bring them in when we got a down pour.  So it all went through the dryer.  Taco salad for supper.
The lantern lighting. I took off at 2:00 on Tuesday so that I could come home and take care of the children while Ina Sue went for a dentist appointment. (Cavity)  After the dentist she did some shopping and met Ms. Ashley (Carolina's teacher).  Ina Sue invited her to eat supper with her at Taco Bell while they chatted.  Here at home I fed the children clam chowder & cold taco salad.  After I read them their stories and got them in bed I made up a batch of cheese and updated some of these webpages.
Good times around the fire. While I was at work on Wednesday, I got a frantic call from Ina Sue.  She was trying to get some baking done and had scorched a pan of bars and a batch of caramel popcorn before she realized that the oven was malfunctioning and the element was staying on full blast all the time.  Even after she turned the oven off it still stayed red hot.  I told her to unplug the oven from the wall which took care of the issue but put a whammy on her baking plans.  After I got home I beat on it a little and got it to where you could plug it in and use the range but I'm afraid the oven is shot.  In the evening we went to James Banges for our first small group meeting with the new groups.  We sang, had a Bible quiz, and prayed, then spent the rest of the evening visiting and snacking.  Nelson Hochstetlers, Floyd Kauffmans, and Matthew & Kristen Peachey are also in our group.  After we got home we spent an hour or two reading up on the reviews of new stoves.  I am intrigued by the new "induction" stoves.
The children have their plastic bag omelets ready to cook Ina Sue brought her first report card home from school on Thursday.  Looked good so far.  It was a rainy day.  Ina Sue invited Thornton Skrivseth down to play with Landon.  In the evening we had a PTA meeting at the school with Ms. Ashley.  Since Ina Sue and her had already spent an hour or so chatting over supper on Tuesday, there wasn't much more to go over.  After we finished there we went on up to the church and cleaned it.  Sincie this is the last week of October we are finished for this cycle.  Yeah!  This time we actually did it together with Hendrick & Randys then had a pizza supper to celebrate.  After we finished up I went back in to work while Ina Sue took the children home to bed.  I didn't get home until about 2:30.
Pulling the finished product out of the pot. Friday was the big day that Landon (and I) have been looking forward to.  I took Carolina Sue to school then did a couple quick service calls.  I was able to get home around 11:30 and helped get everything packed up for our camping trip.  Nevin had invited us some time ago to go along with him on a "Father & Sons" camping trip.  The group grew until it included Milton, Kent, Duane, Royal Barnhart and Stuart Jones along with their sons.  I met Nevin at his place and we rode along with him to Petersburg campground up on Lake Thurmond.  When we left our house poor little Savannah was heartbroken that she couldn't go along... :(  We got our tents all setup while Duane & Stuart grilled us some brats for supper.  We played games and did "guy" things until late at night when we finally all got bedded down.  Meanwhile, Ina Sue and the girls drove over to Jenn Barnharts for supper and the evening.  The other "camping widows" were there too.  Jenn very kindly invited Ina Sue to stay for the night which she was happy to do.
Kent & Stuart relaxing. Ina Sue slept in a bit on Saturday then left for home around 10:00.  They stopped in at Ralph's store where they were having a "Fall Festival" complete with vendors, clowns & BarBQ dinners.  Sounded like quite an event.  The girls were enthralled with the clowns.  Ina Sue cleaned the house and got the children all bathed for the Sabbath.  Meanwhile on the campground, we got up and Royal treated us to plastic bag omelets for breakfast.  Delicious!  Then we played more games, took walks and generally just pottered around for a very relaxing day.  Landon had lot of fun.  I served a light dinner of taco salad then for supper Karen had sent up potatoes for the grill, and shish kabobs with sauage, pineapple and peppers.  For dessert she had flour tortillas wrapped up with marshmallows, chocolate and peanut butter to be heated on the grill.  Tasty!  Another late night....