October 23, 2010

Claudia Paige Sunday morning we did the normal Sunday morning scurry to get everybody ready for church.  Jerrel Good was here from South Boston & preached a wonderful sermon about "How the Attributes of God Effect Practical Living".   We came home to leftover pizza and salad.  We took a long walk then naps.  In the evening the Barnwell Chorale gave a really good program as their first program on their tour.  They are going to be leaving on Thursday on a trip through Florida, Georgia, & Mississippi.  After the service we had a carry-in snack in the gym.
Sleeping beauty. While Ina Sue started on the laundry Monday morning, I made us omelets with turkey and veggies.  Carolina Sue had her first field trip at school today.  They went to the Sheriff's Dept., the park, McDonalds and to C Boys Farm where they explored a corn maze.  She seemed to think it was great fun!  After I got home from work we had chili soup and corn bread for supper then I helped Ina Sue dice up vegetables for her broccoli soup for tomorrow.  She is helping to take hot lunch for the school and we needed lots of broccoli, cauliflower & carrots.  Ina Sue seems to be coming down with a cold... :(
Right after her bath. Ina Sue was still feeling pretty rough on Tuesday but she did take her food to the school and helped serve it.  I got off from work for a little over lunch and went by the school for a bit of food myself.  Then I helped take care of the children while she cleaned up.  On top of the Broccoli soup, they served Taco Soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, a relish tray, and cake with fruit on top.  We had leftovers for supper then Ina Sue worked on the ironing while I studied for my topic tomorrow evening.
Dicing up veggies for Ina Sue's broccoli soup. I took Carolina Sue and Prince along with me to work on Wednesday.  Actually, I dropped Carolina Sue off at work and dropped Prince off at the vet's.  Prince was having a little operation today to cure his philandering ways.  I hope he doesn't hold it against me....  Ina Sue did some sewing.  I came home a little early to bring Prince back home and so that I could get in a little last minute studying.  We went to prayer meeting in the evening where I was in charge of the discussion period.  The topic assigned to me was "The Christian and Politics".  After church we visited awhile then after the others had all left we cleaned the church.
Hot lunch for the school Carolina Sue got off from school at 1:00 on Thursday because most of the teachers are going on the chorus tour.  I had a full day at work.  Ina Sue did the mid-week laundry.  She picked up the school children this afternoon for Gwen while Ms. Naomi kept the Landon & Savannah.  Ina Sue invited Andys over for supper on the spur of the moment.  She served us grilled chicken, baked macaroni, green beans and salad.  Mary brought a delicious gingerbread cake for dessert. 
Mark H.'s boys help Landon build a house. Ina Sue shook me awake about 1:00 Friday morning and urgently told me to get up.  A siren was going off in Govan.  Our dear cousin Carl has been having trouble with vandals stealing the electric wire out of his center pivot irrigations.  After spending thousands of dollars replacing wiring he has outfitted each pivot with a loud siren.  He told us that if we heard them going off we were to jump out of bed and rush to drive over there to check on them.  Well, we heard the siren and rushed to get in the car.  On 2nd thought, I told Ina Sue to stay home.  If there were vandals roaming around Govan I didn't want my children to be by themselves!  Then I jumped in the minivan and tore out.  I bumped the minivan back through Carl's fields and past his pivots but didn't see anyone or anything.  In fact, by this time the siren had stopped.  I drove back past Carl's house but he didn't seem to be stirring and I didn't want to wake him up for a false alarm....  By the time I got home though he had called Ina Sue and they had discussed things.  I noticed as I drove past the first dept. that the door was open, the lights were on, and the fire truck was gone.  I started to put 2 & 2 together....  I will give Ina Sue this though.  The siren did definitely sound different then our fire trucks normally sound.  It turns out that the strange sounding siren was just the siren on the new pumper truck that the dept. just got....  Oh well. Live & Learn :)
Dinner on the back porch. I went off to work and left Carolina & Mommy doing the Friday cleaning.  We had egg salad & apple salad for supper then a fairly restful evening with the children.

On Saturday I needed to work again.  Ina Sue kept Mark & Norma's boys for most of the day.  Landon & Carolina Sue loved having friends to play with.  Ina Sue grilled hotdogs with baked macaroni & green beans for dinner.  They all ate outside on the screen porch.  After I got home from work I mowed the yard, took over the trash, washed the car, and cleaned up the outside.  Ina Sue made us chicken quesadillas and mint tea for supper.  We put the children to be early then took to bed early ourselves.