October 16, 2010

Lola is a favorite "aunt". Sundays in Virginia are always pretty hectic with us, Keiths, and the home folks all trying to get ready for church with only one bathroom...  We made it though and Chad McMurray had a really good message on "Anger".  Came back home for a huge dinner.  Sherman's girlfriend Sarah was there along with her "godparents", Roger & Barbara Eshleman.  We had a nice time visiting with them over the sumptuous spread that Mother laid out.  Dilly rolls, fried ham, sweet potatoes, baked broccoli, lima beans, toss salad, grape pie & ice cream.  Wow!  We packed up and left soon after dinner.  Got back to Govan around 10:30.
The Three Musketeers. Monday was busy with all the after trip laundry to be done for Ina Sue and for me to catch up from the weekend at work.  We had soup & sandwiches for supper then we all worked together to finish folding the clothes and to get the house straightened back up.
Sarah and Sherman. I had a long day of work on Tuesday.   I had a service call in Allendale that needed to be done after hours so I did not come home for supper.  It was around 11:30 before I got home from there.  Ina Sue made up another batch of granola, did the ironing and took care of the munchkins.
Playing in the flower bed. Carolina Sue & I got out the door Wednesday morning at the normal time.  Ina Sue got all the other children ready and took them along with her to a picnic lunch at Lemon Park in Barnwell.  Her and a bunch of the other ladies from church with young children met at the park in celebration of Bethany H.'s birthday.  The children had a great time playing on the playground equipment while the ladies visited and ate.  After dinner Ina Sue and the children stopped at the shop for a little to see me then went home for naps.  We kept Andy Korver's children for the evening.  We had deep dish taco squares, corn, salad and apple crisp for supper.  After we got done eating we loaded everyone in the van and went to clean the church.
Claudia is becoming self aware... :) Ina Sue had a dentist appointment at 7:45 on Thursday.  I got the children all ready, dropped Carolina Sue off at school, then took the other children with me to work.  Ina Sue came over and picked up the children around 9:00.  She was appalled to find that I had completely forgotten about Claudia and left her at home in bed. :(  She seemed to still be intact though when Ina Sue got home.  Ina Sue did a bit of laundry and other sewing.  After I got home from work we had supper of ham, sweet potatoes, and california blend veggies.  For dessert we had some delicious cheesecake that Mary had dropped off for us.
Ina Sue vacuuming the church. Friday was Pizza Day at school again for Carolina Sue.  I dropped her off at school then went in to work for a full day of service calls.  It was a beautiful day so Ina Sue took the children for a walk around the community.  She invited Carolyn & Betty over to share our supper with us.  Don & Franklin are up in Pennsylvania for something.  After I got home I fried up catfish nuggets, hush puppies & dill pickles.  Ina Sue fixed cole slaw and Betty brought dessert.
Supper at Pizza Hut. We had been planning to attend Conference over at Burkeland on Saturday, but Hendrick had a last minute funeral that he needed to go to so I had to fill in at the shop.  Ina Sue got the children all bathed and ready then drove them in to meet me at the shop.  We did some Walmart shopping then went to Pizza Hut for a treat.  After we got home Ina Sue cut my hair.  We mowed the yard and cleaned up outside then I took the three oldest along with me on a shopping run to RiteAid.  We washed the car in Denmark then drove by the church to blow off the walks.