October 9, 2010

Playing games. We had communion at Barnwell Sunday morning.  Wendell preached about the three different crowds that surrounded Jesus.  An inspiring service.  We came home to a lunch of biscuits, roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, grilled asparagus and graham cracker fluff.  It is hard not to get fat on a meal like that!  Ina Sue took a short nap then took Naomi H. along with her to visit our neighbor in the hospital.  Brenda just had back surgery and was in the Orangeburg hospital.  The rest of of took our naps and played games together.  After Ina Sue got back we were invited to Don Heatwoles for the evening along with Aden Diems.  We had great food a a good time with friends.  Played a game or two of "Confusion".  The guys whooped up on the ladies. :)
Don & Betty and Ann Marie We slept in a little on Monday but then hit the day full blast.  I was fasting/dieting today so I didn't eat any breakfast.  Ina Sue worked on the laundry.  In the late afternoon she loaded the children up and went over to Carl's field to pick some field peas for our freezer.  I came home from work just a little early and joined them.  The children got really tired so Ina Sue brought them home while I stayed and picked until dark.  We got about 1 1/2 bushels.  Ina Sue fixed roast beef wraps for her and the children to eat.
Heather played with Carolina & Landon. Tuesday was a lovely Fall day.  It has definitely cooled off.  Ina Sue had an appointment with the back doctor around 9:30 so I entertained the three children while she went to that.  We drove over and watch the ducks at Lake Edgar Brown then went to Lemon park and played on the playground equipment until she got back.  She took the children home and I went back to work.  Ina Sue found three kitties today in our lean-to.  We knew that our one cat must have had kittens but we had no idea where they were.  The last time this cat had kittens she just abandoned them.  They are really cute but we are starting to get way too many cats around here.  I called Daryl B. in the evening to see if I could come visit but Sharon told me to bring the whole family.  We all had a really nice time visiting with them.  Daryl and Sharon are such an inspiration to us in how they are facing Daryl's cancer.  After we got home Ina Sue and I worked up and froze 21 pints of field peas.  11:30 before we got finished.
Two of our three new kitties. I was still fasting on Wednesday but today I have a really sore throat so I did eat some cough drops.   Ina Sue spent the day taking care of children and doing misc. jobs around the house.  Tonight was prayer meeting.  James Bange led the discussion period on the topic of Love/Charity.  The church voted to take a request to conference to ordain up to three men in light of the possibility of starting a new church.  This was not a vote to actually ordain that many but only doing the preliminary legwork so that we could if needed.  After church and visiting Ina Sue brought the children home while I stayed and vacuumed the church.
Savannah likes these (she can catch them...) I stayed home Thursday morning to watch the children while Ina Sue took Carolina to school.  She stayed and met with the other ladies that are to be taking hot lunch to school with her to plan their menu.  She got home around 10:30 and I rushed off to work.  Ina Sue did a small batch of laundry then fixed us a very good vegetarian supper of grilled asparagus, field peas over rice, broccoli and beets.  After supper Ina Sue took the children with her and ran some overflow items ove to Lois for her to sell at her yard sale.  I went back in to work for a couple hours.
Preparations for the picture taking. I dropped Carolina Sue off at school Friday morning then rushed in to work and tried to get all my calls done so that we could leave in good time.  I got back home around 12:30 and we quickly packed everything in the van then picked Carolina Sue up at school  We made a quick trip to Virginia with just a short stop at Wendys for supper.  Got there around 9:15.  Visited a while and still got to bed in decent time.
The Showalter family without the new members. Saturday was the big day that Ina Sue claims to have been dreading.  The Showalter picture taking day.  Mother had lined up D&L Photography to come out to the home place for pictures in the yard.  Mother likes to get pictures taken every 5 years.  We had planned to take the pictures at 9:00.  Unfortunately the sun was already shining brightly which made shadows.  The poor photographer had a terrible time getting things set up.  He ended up hanging a big long drop from the tree just to make a shadow for the family to sit in.  To complicate things, Sherman was supposed to take part in a wedding at 11:00 so we had to rush to get the pictures taken while he was still there.   We got the pictures taken in an hour or two but Darren & Lisa (the photographers) stayed around for most of the day trying to touch the pictures up to their specs. 
The little folks ate on the back deck. I made a run to SharpShopper to pick up groceries for us.  In the afternoon and evening we had numerous folks stop in to visit.  Eleanor & Kathryn brought some of their children and a delicious cheeseball.  James & Brenda Groff stopped in for a visit, then Uncle Galens & Twila.  Finally Anthony Sanchez came and stayed till late.