October 2, 2010

Pictures this week focus on our little Duchess It was a rainy day on Sunday.  At church Bro. Gary preached about "A Good Conscience".  We had Myron Brubakers over for lunch.  Biscuits, stuffed chicken, baked rice, carrots, and salad.  Jane brought dessert of pudding and cookies.  We looked at their pictures from their Europe trip.  After they left we took short naps then went to church in the evening.  It was a topical program on "The Trinity" and "The Doctrine of Heaven & Hell".
Wearing daddy's shoes Up and at it on Monday.  Ina Sue started laundry while I made breakfast of pancakes & sausage gravy.  It rained all day so Ina Sue had to use the dryer instead of the clothes line.  Our phone line here at home was malfunctioning all day so we weren't able to talk at all during the day.  Ina Sue fixed us breakfast pizza and blueberry muffins for supper.  We played some games then got the children bathed and in bed.  After they were in bed I did some couponing then went back in to work for a while.
Playing with Claudia Tuesday found me at work, Carolina at school, and the rest of the family working at home.  I had a nasty job running some cables in an attic in the afternoon.  I came home from there and got a shower then we drove the children in to Patrick & Bethany's for the evening.  Ina Sue and I drove on over to Aiken and did some shopping then went to Fatz Cafe for supper.  We were impressed with the food there.  Very good!  We picked up the children on the way home but forgot Savannah's blanket.  We finally got her consoled and sleeping after a bit of a fight.
and her kitties... After Carolina and I left on Wednesday, Ina Sue made up a big batch of granola then did some mending.  She fixed us soup, salad, and garlic bread for supper.  She went with her accountability group to McDonalds for their meeting and chatted over food.
She would like to take Claudia's place. Carolina Sue said her memory work at school on Thursday.  She was supposed to memorize Phil 2:1-11 this month.  We thought that that sounded like a terribly long passage for a 6-year old to learn.  But it is amazing how quickly a young brain can learn.  On the way to school she said it perfectly to me.  Ina Sue did some sewing today.  I was busy at work.  For supper we had an asparagus puff pancake.  We love that recipe!  After supper we kept Leon & Beth's boys while they sang with the chorus at the First Baptist church here in Govan.
In the baby toy box. Friday was the 1'st so I got up at daybreak and checked the water meters.  We had to rush to eat breakfast and get out the door on time to get Carolina Sue to school.  Ina Sue did the cleaning.  She said that Claudia was really grouchy today....

I got to take off from work on Saturday.  I worked most of the day hooking up automated sprinklers on our blueberry patch.  Ina Sue vacummed the car.  We all went down the the town square and did some much needed weeding, pruning & mulching around the sign.  I cleaned up our shop and made pizza for supper.  After supper we took a walk over to the Govan Fire House to see their brand new fire truck.  They seemed pretty proud of it!  Then home for baths & bed.