September 25, 2010

Our Illustrious Hosts. Sunday was council meeting at Hephzibah.  Carl preached the message then we had open council where everybody shares their testimony.  I always really enjoy this service.  It is great to hear a little of what God is doing in others lives.  After church we were invited to Ivan & Dena Skrivseth's for lunch.  A delicious lunch of poor man's steak, baked macaroni, zipper peas, French bread, pickles and then a wonderful pumpkin dessert.  Tom Peacheys were also there.  A nice time visiting in the afternoon then still got home in time for naps.  In the evening Uncle Enoses invited us over to the mule barn for supper with Nelson Hochstetlers.  Aunt Glennys fixed a great supper of haystacks, cookies & fruit.  A very nice evening with friends.  The children really enjoyed playing outside.
Uncle Enos explains how it was..... We got up at 6:00 on Monday.  Ina Sue started on the laundry while I went and got milk then made breakfast.  I had a normal busy day at work.  Ina Sue said the children were really rowdy today and she had a huge batch of laundry.  Carolina Sue told us that there was a big fire at school today.  Actually, the fire was on the adjoining lot.  There is a tractor trailer repair shop over there and one of the tractors caught on fire.  It evidently made a tremendous amount of smoke and a lot of emergency vehicles responded.  Thankfully I don't think anyone was hurt.  We had tenderloin gravy over hominy with field peas for supper.
...while the ladies visit around the stove. Tuesday was very ordinary.  Ina Sue invited Erica K. over to spend the morning playing with Savannah & Landon.  She spent the morning ironing then baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies with Carolina in the afternoon.  We had taco salad for supper.  In the evening Ina Sue cut Landon's & my hair.
Mother & daughter. Claudia was not feeling good on Wednesday.  We don't know for sure if it is her ears or perhaps her teeth starting to bother her.  Carolina & I left for school and work.  Ina Sue made food, and cleaned house.  In the evening we had my accountability group over for supper and our meeting.  Ryan D., Kevin P., and Darren D. were all here.  Ina Sue fixed us chicken enchiladas, salad, and apple crisp for dessert.  Then she kept the children while we had our meeting on the front porch.
Carolina visits with Glendon & Craig's girls Thursday was "pizza day" at school for Carolina.  She loves pizza day and we like not having to pack her lunch...  After I left for work, Ina Sue and the other children worked on cleaning the back porch.  They said there were lots of spiders.  Ina Sue brought the children with her and met me in Barnwell around 5:00.  We left from there and drove over to Tim Myers' for supper and the evening.  Craig and Kari are back from Puerto Rico on furlough with their family so we really enjoyed visiting with them again.  Glendon & Edith were also there and Kendell & Janelle came a little later.  Bonita fixed us a real Puerto Rican supper with all the treats.  We enjoyed the visiting afterward but it was 11:30 before we got home.  Tired!
I helped Tim with a little networking issue while we talked. We didn't have to pack Carolina Sue a lunch on Friday either.  Some of the ladies brought in hot lunch for the students.  They fixed a Honduras meal in honor of Jose (who is from Honduras).  Ina Sue did the cleaning.  I had a really full day at work then picked up groceries on my way home.  We had sandwiches, stuffed peppers, and boiled peanuts for supper. :) 
Hauling off the trimmed brush.


I got to work at the shop on Saturday.  I really kinda enjoy working on Saturdays because I can focus on projects there in the shop.  During the weekdays I always am getting lots of phone calls and emergency service calls that keep me rushing from one thing to the next.  I don't like working on Saturdays because it leaves Ina Sue at home with the children for yet another day...  Anyhow, we both stayed busy today.  Ina Sue and Landon pruned up the ivy on the front porch and the tree rose out there.  Then she finished cleaning the back porch.  After I got home I mowed the yard.  We had tostones for supper then got the children bathed and in bed.  We made up a double batch of hot pepper jelly before going to bed late.