September 18, 2010

Savannah & I posing with our quilts. We had a wonderful restful day on Sunday.  Bro. Mark preached on "Taming the Tongue".  Ina Sue fixed us a wonderful lunch of poor mans steak, mashed potatoes & carrots.  Naps in the afternoon then to church again in the evening for a program of character sketches by the youth.  Came home and had a bedtime snack of mocha shakes & potato chips.
Hotdog supper on the back porch. Monday was the usual with me at work, Carolina at school, and Mom at home doing wash and taking care of the children.  It was a beautiful fall day.  We had collard greens, a chef salad, and pickled eggs for supper.  We are having trouble with Prince and his philandering around the neighborhood.  We hate to keep him tied up all the time but when we let him go he heads over to the neighbors.  I guess we will have to get him "fixed".  After it got dark I worked on conference finances until late.  I am trying to get all the reports together so that Carl can send in his paperwork to the conference secretary.
Waiting to be pushed. On Tuesday Ina Sue finished up the huge batch of laundry from Monday.  I had a full day at work then after I got home I worked hard to get the big pear tree that came down last week, all cut up and carted to the burn pile.  A big job but I had it all cleaned up by dark.
Helping with the laundry. Wednesday, was another day at work for me.  Ina Sue did some clothes mending today.  We had tomato soup and pimento cheese for supper.  Then to church for prayer meeting.  Instead of the Bible study tonight we spent the time discussing the future direction of the church.  In essence we are trying to decide what we should do in light of the church filling up.   It was interesting hearing all the different viewpoints.  Overall though I am very pleased with the attitudes that were shared.  After church Ina Sue brought the children home and put them to bed while I went back to the shop to work.
Aunt Doris and Claudia Carolina Sue and I left the house on Thursday with Ina Sue busy cooking, packing and cleaning.  I came home at 5:00 from work so that Ina Sue and Claudia could ride along with Gwen, Mary & Naomi to the women's seminar at Hartwell.  She and Claudia were happy to be able to stay with Dad & Mom.  Aunt Doris was also there so Ina Sue slept on the couch.  She said the chiming clock kept waking her up...  I had a nice evening at home with the children.  Ina Sue had made us spaghetti for supper.
The Ladies Seminar is always very well attended. On Friday I babysat the children and worked around the house.  I got the children all loaded up and dropped Carolina Sue off at school then drove in to Barnwell to pick up a computer from the shop to work on.  We hard a nice day at home.  I worked on the computer and did some cleaning on the house.


Claudia and Grandpa got along great. Ina Sue was afraid that she would have a rough day because of her lack of sleep but she said the day went great.  Dorcas Byler, Gwen Amstutz, Dorcas Schrock & Barb Horst were all speakers.  She said she enjoyed the talks immensely but also really just enjoyed the fellowship.  The only negative she said was the extreme heat.
Claudia with Allison Kurtz (Sam & Bonnie's) Ina Sue said she slept great and woke up Saturday morning feeling good.  Their services started at 9:00 and she said it was an inspiring morning on ways to encourage others.  They had a brunch of eggs & grits then another workshop.  They got home around 4:00.  I already had the children bathed, the house cleaned, the yard mowed, and pizza waiting to be put together.  A nice restful evening with pizza and bed.