September 11, 2010

Watching the fishes. Bro. Gary preached a very good message Sunday on "Be Ye Holy".  We came home for a feast of roast beef, stuffed potatoes, gravy, green beans, pickled eggs, and spiced apples.  Wow!  We all took naps, then Leons called and wondered if we had any plans for the evening.  We had been planning to have a little family picnic over at Daryl B.'s pond so we invited them to join us.  We had a great evening visiting and the children had a ball.  We even saw an alligator.  Played a game or two of Password.  We haven't seen Prince for several days and are getting worried about him.  I drove around the community in the afternoon but couldn't find him. :(
Riley Dueck & Claudia sharing the blanket Monday was Labor Day so the shop was closed.  I was thrilled to be able to stay home.  The children helped me for part of the day filling up ditches (we are going to be finished with that one of these days...).  Ina Sue did the laundry.  I drove around the community and asked people if they had seen Prince.  Ms. Margaret told me that she had seen him on the other side of the railroad tracks.  I drove over there and drove down the dirt road.  I soon came upon him laying in the middle of the road.  He didn't move at all until I walked right up to him.  Then he very carefully got to his feet.  He yelped in pain when I lifted him into the van.  I took him home and looked him over.  He didn't seem to be injured but you could sure tell that he wasn't feeling good.  We gave him food and water and let him lay on our back porch during the afternoon.  By evening he was perking up a bit.  We wonder what happed to him???  We had grilled hotdogs & saurkraut for supper then took a walk in the evening.
Visiting on the back porch. We got up and rushed to get ready on Tuesday.  I took dropped Carolina Sue off at school then went on to work.  Ina Sue left soon after with the other children and went to sewing circle for the morning.  She spent her time knotting lap robes.  Then they went shopping for a little and met me at Mi Rancho for lunch.  I had a pile of work to do at the shop so I didn't go home for supper.  Didn't get left from the shop until about 4:00am...  Tired!
Savannah helps me with my tools. Wednesday was our 9'th wedding anniversary.  It is amazing how time flies when you are having fun!  We had an egg casserole for breakfast then Carolina & I left for school & work.  Ina Sue washed windows and took care of fussy children.  Landon tried his hand pruning our English dogwood.  Did a fairly nice job.  Ina Sue made us another feast for supper with BarBQ ribs, zipper peas and cream puffs for dessert.  I had a school board meeting to go to after supper then went back in to the shop for a while.  I am trying to get everything caught up so that we can take tomorrow for our anniversary.
Riding her horsey We celebrated our anniversary on Thursday.  When we talked about what we wanted to do to celebrate, we just decided that we would enjoy a good day of working together outside in the yard.  We spent most of the day trimming up trees and cleaning out the riff-raff between our house and Hendrick's.  We pruned all of our camellias up a foot or two from the ground so that we could better control the vines that like to grow up through them.  I borrowed Carl's skid loader for a while in the afternoon to dig out some of the smaller trees & scrubs.  I also filled in a big sink hole in the back yard.  Ina Sue fixed us reuben-deli sandwiches for supper.

Friday was a normal busy day with me back at work and Ina Sue doing the normal weekly cleaning.  She made two strombolis for tomorrow evening.  We had leftovers for supper then I took the children with me on a trip to RiteAid to pick up some bargains while Ina Sue finished the mowing.

Landon & his tricycle I had to work at the shop in Saturday.  Around 2:30, Ina Sue called me in a panic.  They were having a terrible storm in Govan.  I could here lots of commotion in the background.  She said that the wind was blowing over trees and that lightning had hit the house and that there was fire on the front porch.  Then I heard the phone hit the floor.  She came back on in a minute and just said "I have to go" then hung up.  I tried to call her back several times but nobody would answer.  I could see visions of our huge pecan tree falling on our burning house.  I left the shop and rushed home.  As I got toward Govan I started to see signs of storm devastation.  Numerous trees blown down and leaves all over the road.  I was very relieved to get home and see our house (and the pecan tree) still standing.  Thankfully everyone was OK at home but Ina Sue said she thought this was the worst storm she had ever been through.  It did blow down our big ornamental pear in the back yard and our power was off.
Royal & I with our tribes. We tried to get everybody dressed and ready without any power then left for Georgia.  We took supper over to Royal & Jenn Barnhart.  We always have such a good time with them.  They have a really beautiful home and Royal has the outside fixed up so nice.  Of most interest was their new little baby girl.  Addison Delight looks like a sweety.  We left around 9:30 and by the time we got back home it was 11:00.  We were very thankful to find that our power was back on again.