September 4, 2010

Landon trims up our brambles. To church at Barnwell on Sunday.  Bro. Tim Myers from Hephzibah brought us the message on "Righteous Before God".  Very good sermon!  Home for a lunch of grilled ham with pineapple, baked macaroni, and broccoli.  We took naps and played games with the children.  Had tuna quesadillas for supper then went to church in the evening.  Most of the service was taken up by youth telling how they spent their summers in voluntary service.  We had Josh & Marcia over for a snack after church.
Out for a fall stroll I made us egg mcmuffins for breakfast on Monday.  Ina Sue dug into the laundry.  She says it is starting to feel like fall and she is ready for the cooler weather.  She spent the day doing laundry but had time to make us Pepper steak over rice with corn for supper.  We worked together for a while after supper trying to find pictures for Carolina Sue's alphabet book at school.  We all watched a video about rabbits before going to bed.
A bunch of frogs for the school children. After a quick breakfast Tuesday morning, Carolina & I headed off to school & work.  Ina Sue messed up and let a bag of sausage sit outside the freezer.  By the time she found it, it had already mainly thawed out.  She went ahead and fried it all up then put some of it back in the freezer.  She spent some time ironing.  We has Sausage & potatoe lasagna for supper along with carrots.  After supper I kept the children while Ina Sue made a quick trip to Bamberg for some shopping and a break from the children.  After she got back we put the children to bed and played a game or two of Boggle.
Birthday party for Ms. Ashley Since Wednesday was the first of the month, I got up at daybreak and went around the community checking the water meters.  We had peach milkshakes for breakfast.  I left my cell phone at home when I rushed off to work.  The day did not improve from there....  It felt like everything I did during the day was catch-up.  Today was Carolina's teacher's birthday, so Ina Sue and the other mothers took lunch and cake in for a party.  In the afternoon a refrigerator repairman came to fix a leak in our refrigerator.   In the afternoon I had a service call in Columbia.  Had to rush to get back home in time for supper and prayer meeting.  Ivan expounded on "Brother Love" during the discussion period.
Ms. Ashley with her cake and her students. Thursday was a busy day for both of us.  Ina Sue did her small batch of laundry then took the children and lunch to Aunt Miriam's while she made a run in to Barnwell.  She had a back appointment then to the library, post office and Walmart.  I had to go back up to Columbia to finish up my job there.  After I got back we ate a quick lunch then I had to go up to Randy's to catch their chicken.  Actually, Ina Sue and Carolina had gone up to feed the chickens and somehow one rooster had gotten out.  I chased the rooster all over the place and finally got him back in with Carl's help.  Carolina Sue started working on her ABC book at school today.
Opening the gifts. I was still really busy at work on Friday.  Ina Sue rushed through the cleaning.  Bethany brought Isaiah & Michaela by at 12:00.  Caroline came home with Carolina from school.  Ina Sue kept the children until a little after 5:00 then we had to hurry to get ready for our supper appointment.  We were invited to Carl's for supper along with Andys & Josh's.  Carl & Grace served us a feast of Low Country Boil but with all the shrimp already pealed.  Wow!

I had to work at the shop on Saturday.  Ina Sue and the children made a trek up to Randy's to take care of the chickens.  When I got home the children were all sleeping.  Ina Sue mowed the whole yard while I worked some more on covering up ditches and weed-eating.  We had leftovers for supper then Landon & I made a quick trip to RiteAid for some deals.