August 21, 2010

Laura & Ashton Our bedroom at Hartwell is in the middle of the building with no windows.  Since the sun does not wake you in the morning it is possible to really oversleep...  We didn't though.  Got up in time Sunday morning to get the children dressed and went down to the kitchen for a breakfast of baked oatmeal that Mom had made for us.  We all went to church at Hartwell.  For the sermon time, Sheldon talked about their work at Northern Youth Programs.  We came back to the center for a delicious dinner of Low Country Boil, fresh peaches, brownies & ice cream.  We spent the afternoon visiting, playing games and resting.  We left around 5:45 and got home by 8:30.  A wonderful weekend with family!
Dad's golf cart got a real workout. Back to the grind again on Monday.  I was off at work all day.  Ina Sue did laundry.  This was Carolina Sue's last day at home before school starts.  It was a humid day.  For supper Ina Sue made us ham, cheese & broccoli roll-ups.  A nice relaxing evening at home.
Not sure why Kent was feeling like a troll here.... Tuesday was Carolina Sue's first day of school.  We are so very thankful that we have a Christian school for her to go to and a wonderful Christian school teacher that will make learning fun for her.  It gave me a funny/sad feeling when I dropped her off for her first day of school.  It is hard to believe that our little baby girl is already in school.  Ina Sue said that she really missed her help during the day.  It is amazing how much a six year old can help with chores and taking care of the babies.  In the evening we left the children with Ivan Skrivseths while we went to our first PTA meeting.  It was nice to see the first grade classroom looking so inviting and to talk to Ms. Ashley.
KayK and Ina Sue line up their shots.  

I'm going to have to get used to this school run in the mornings.  I am very thankful that Conrad Stovers & Gordon Amstutzs have agreed to bring Carolina Sue home from school with them.  It works out fairly well though for me to drop her off at school on my way to work.  I just have to remember not to schedule other service calls in the morning and we have to get around just a bit earlier.  Ina Sue was not feeling good Wednesday when I left in the morning and she felt progressively worse during the day.  I came home around 10:30 and worked outside on our irrigation lines and kept the children while Ina Sue rested.  It was a really hot and muggy day.  Savannah stayed home with Mommy while I took the others along with me to prayer meeting. 

Janice and her children watch from the sidelines. Ina Sue was feeling some better on Thursday.  I left for work.  She did two big loads of laundry and made a big batch of granola.  She fixed us taco salad for supper.  After supper I mowed the yard while Ina Sue and the children raked up the clippings.  Then we both worked to get the children all through the bath tub.
Carolina Sue heading off for her first day of school I made egg gravy over toast for breakfast on Friday.  Ina Sue did the cleaning.  She also re-mowed the front yard because it was so thick last night that the mower did a poor job.  We had leftovers for supper then Ina Sue cut my and Landon's hair.  Played catch for a while with Carolina Sue.
Andy chairs the PTA meeting. I had to work on Saturday.  Ina Sue spent the day at home with the children.  She says that she doesn't mind so much during the week if I don't get off but she really hates the Saturdays when I have to work.  She stayed busy with the children though.  They pruned a bunch of low hanging branches. 
Nevin & KayK met us at Carabba's Grill. After I got home we took the children over to Andy's for the evening then drove over to Augusta.  Nevin had invited us to eat out with them.  We ended up at Carrabba's Italian restaurant.  Delicious food and a good time being with Nevins.  By the time we got back to Govan, Mary already had our children bathed and in their bed clothes.  What a boost!  We had not been looking forward to a late night bath line...