August 7, 2010

Dutch Blitz with Dale Bange and his girls. Wendell preached the sermon at Barnwell on Sunday about how each of us are susceptible to sin.  We came home for a feast of grilled steaks, potatoes, squash casserole, fresh fruit, and fig bars.  Wow.  We took quick naps then had the Dale Bange family over for supper and the evening.  We fixed shrimp & grits for supper along with fresh peach salsa, chips and peach pie.  After supper we visited and played some Dutch Blitz with the children.
Matthew gives Savannah a piggy-back ride. I got up Monday morning early and rushed around the community reading the water meters while Ina Sue got started on the laundry.  It turned out to be a very hot day.  Ina Sue had all the clothes folded, ironed and put away by the time I got home from work.  We had taco pie with salad for supper then spent the evening playing with the children.
Strite get-together at Milton & Karen's. Tuesday found me at work again.  Ina Sue said her days are so busy but she feels like she doesn't get anything done.  I tell her that her children are her primary job and that she is getting a lot done every day!  The children were over at Don Heatwole's for a while today.  They were planning to go swimming but it rained.  Ina Sue fixed us BarBQ meatballs for supper along with baked macaroni & field peas.  Carl came over for a while after supper to chat.  Peach shakes for a bednight snack.
The guest of honor in from Canada. I was very busy at work on Wednesday but made it home in time for a delicious supper of pita pockets with ham, cheese, tomatoes & egg salad.  We went to prayer meeting for prayer then Daryl Bange led a discussion on "Patience".  Lord knows we all need more of that.  We had a short school board meeting afterward so Ina Sue took the children on home.  I went back in to work for several hours.
Ashton is not sure he can handle this load... I stayed home on Thursday.  Ina Sue got up and left around 7:30 and did some shopping at Walmart then went to the chiropractor for a back appointment.  She was home by 10:00.  I mowed the yard.  Ina Sue did a few loads of laundry then helped Carolina Sue make up a batch of RiceKrispie bars.  In the later afternoon I went over to the school to try to get their noisy phone line fixed.  Took several hours but with no success.  It looks like there is a problem with the buried line between the church and school.  We had fried rice and peach cobbler for supper.
Uncle Kent and Claudia. I took Prince along with me to work on Friday and dropped him off for his haircut.  Ina Sue cleaned the house and kept Patricks children during the afternoon.  When I got home from work Ina Sue had supper of Swiss Potatoe and Ham Casserole ready to eat.  I helped dish out the food to the 7 little mouths then helped to moderate and entertain after the meal.  They licked the platter clean on our supper. :) 

I had to work on Saturday until 3:00.  Ina Sue vacuumed out the car and worked on cleaning the back porch.  By the time I got home she already had the children all bathed and ready to go.  We drove over to Hephzibah to Milton & Karens and enjoyed the supper and evening with the entire Strite clan.  Sheldon & Laura are down on furlough from NYP so it was good to be able to visit with them again.  Karen served us a feast of biscuits and ham gravy, pepper poppers, marinated tomatoes and home made icecream with fresh peaches.  A wonderful evening but kinda late before we got home.