July 31, 2010

Cutting up bananas and peaches... To church at Barnwell on Sunday.  Mark preached on "How to Deal with False Accusations".  Good points!  Came home for a dinner of leftovers then took nice long wonderful naps.  We were back at church again in the evening for a "Back to School" service.  After church we were invited over to Chad & Kendra's for a "bednight snack" as Landon would call it.  A nice time visiting with them.
...for Carolina's lunch box Monday was very normal with Ina Sue doing laundry and caring for children and me at work.  She fixed us Cajun chicken and Okra for supper.  Very good for okra....
Holding little Ashleigh Heatwole. Tuesday morning I got up and made us corn bread and sausage gravy for breakfast while Ina Sue finished up the ironing from yesterday.  After I went off to work she and the older children got started making up a batch of fruit slush for Carolina to take in her lunch to school.  They cut up bananas and peaches and mixed them with blueberries & orange juice.  Then they put the slush in individual little cups to be frozen.  She made about 90 individual cups.  They will be so handy when we start packing lunches for Carolina.  We had a pretty bad electrical storm around 5:00 that knocked out our power.  When I got home everything was dark.  We decided to take the opportunity to go see Wesley & Lois and their new baby.  (their power was still on)  We took along bars and fresh fruit for a snack and had a nice time visiting with them.  Little Ashleigh is a cutie.
A church ballgame at Ivan Skrivseths Ina Sue had a rough night and woke up with a really sore throat on Wednesday.  She felt really bad all day but was able to watch the children while I was at work.  She called the doctor and they prescribed some antibiotics for strep throat.  I picked up the medicine on my way home from work.  I fixed supper and fed the children while Ina Sue rested.  After the children were in bed and Ina Sue was feeling some better I went back in to work for several hours.  I was trying to get all my jobs caught up so that I could take off tomorrow.
The cheering section. I stayed home from work on Thursday.  I took the children with me on a short shopping expedition to Bamberg.  I took along a bunch of coupons and got some amazing deals at RiteAid.  After we got back I made eggs in ham nest for a brunch/lunch then did some mowing.  For supper I fixed us a zucchini pizza.  Ina Sue was still recuperating but she did some laundry and ironing when she felt well enough...
More cheering section.... Ina Sue was feeling much better by Friday.  I went back to work.  Ina Sue made us a batch of fig bars then she and the children worked on the cleaning.  In the evening we all went over to Ivan Skrivseths for a church ballgame and carry-in supper.  It was pretty hot during the day but the evening turned out quite pretty.  A good time playing together and delicious food and fellowship afterward.  After the children were in bed I went back in to work again.  Someday I hope to be able to quit these late night runs.
The junior cheer leaders. I was home on Saturday.  We weeded, mulched and mowed around the blueberries.  Ina Sue made us two peach custard pies and finished up the cleaning.  In the evening we took the whole family along on a shopping expedition to Aiken to buy school supplies for Carolina Sue.  We also did some coupon runs to Publix & Kroger where we got some real steals.  We ate our supper at IHOP where the children ate free.  We didn't get home until about 10:30 though and by the time we got the children bathed it was getting pretty late.