June 28, 2010

My treasures. Lola helped us take some more family pictures Sunday morning before we went to church.  After church we were invited to Uncle Howards for lunch along with Uncle James Landises and Dwayne Stovers.  A delicious lunch and a very nice time visiting afterward.  We came home and had short naps then had Hendrick & Brendan Yoder over for supper of chicken enchiladas, cabbage salad, and corn.  After supper we all played Uno and Set for a while.
Dinner at Uncle Howards. I made pancakes with creamed eggs for breakfast on Monday.  Then I was off to work while the ladies started on the laundry.  Lola pulled our onions for us.  They also defrosted our small freezer.  We had catfish, zucchini quiche and fresh tomatoes for supper.  After supper we took a walk and ended up at Wendell's for a visit.  Ms. Naomi gave us four big cantaloupes.  After the children were bathed and in bed I went back in to work for a couple hours.
Savannah enjoyed Aunt Miriam's baby carriage. Tuesday was Lola's last day here.  She has been such a wonderful help.  Ina Sue says that all of her sewing for Carolina Sue to start school is finished.  I went on a service call early so that I could get around in time to leave in the afternoon.  I had a terribly full day of service calls but I cut things off around 12:00 and Lola and I left for Virginia around 1:00.  We met Royal Barnhart in Columbia and had a good time visiting as we drove.  We got to Harrisonburg around 8:00 and Julia met us at Papa's to pick up Lola.  At home in the evening Ina Sue worked on finances while Carolina made a hot mat with her loom. 
Games with the neighbors. Our PRMC meeting started at 8:00 Wednesday morning at the Pike church.  We made fairly good progress and took a break for lunch at 11:30.  We ate at the Village Inn then came back and met with the Southeastern Conference Finance Committee to get our budget approved.  We went over a few more small items then adjourned around 2:30.  Royal and I drove up to Sharp Shopper and picked up some cheese and other bargains then hit the road back to SC.  Ina Sue said that her and the children had a pretty restful day at home.  They spent some time cutting our pictures for Carolina Sue's ABC book.  They scrounged up some sweet corn that was still left in Carl's patch.  I got home around 10:30.  Good to be home!
Our little punkin. I was back at work again on Thursday.  Ina Sue took the children to Naomi's while she had a post partum doctor visit.  She got a clean bill of health.  We had a quick supper of chicken burritos then we went to the Bamberg Nursing Home to give a program with our small group.  We didn't do anything afterward as a group but Ina Sue did a little shopping at Fred's and bought us ice-cream sandwiches for our own party when we got home.
The children love Lola. Ina Sue cleaned the house on Friday.   I spent most of my day on the road with service calls.  We had BLT's for supper then went over to Josh & Marcia's for Jake's first birthday party.  Carls and Dwayne Stovers were also there.  Good time.
Jake's first birthday. I had to work on Saturday.  After I left for work Ina Sue got it in her mind that she could get things around for us to have company tomorrow.  She invited Marvin Dueck's and they said they could come.  After I got off from work at 3:00 I came home and hit the mowing.  I had everything mowed and weedeated by 6:30.  Ina Sue cut my hair and Landon's.  I bathed the children and we all did some last minute cleanup.  She has the food almost all ready.
Claudia gets her bath.