June 21, 2010

Thats us... To church at Barnwell on Sunday.  It was nice to have Lola here to help get the children all ready. Bro. Wendell preached on "The Church as the Wife of Christ".  For lunch we grilled steak along with fresh corn on the cob and squash casserole.  After lunch we played some Uno and Dutch Blitz with the children then everyone took naps.  In the evening Carolina Chaplaincy gave the program on their work in the prisons.  Marvin Dueck has been volunteering part time so he talked for the last part of the service about what he has been doing.
In her "bumbo" I made waffles for breakfast on Monday while Ina Sue started the wash.  With Lola's big help they were able to get the huge batch done and ironed by the evening.  I had a very normal day at work and came home just a little early.  Ina Sue had fixed us rice & hash and zipper peas for supper.  She on the other hand, went out for supper at Mi Rancho with the ladies.  It was actually a celebration of Norma Hochstetler's 40'th birthday.  Sounded like they had a big time.  After the supper she did a little shopping at Walmart.  Lola and I played with the chilluns and got them to bed.
Playing Uno I went off to slave at work on Tuesday while the rest of my family partied.  :)  Ina Sue and Lola packed up the children and went in to Enos Yoder's pool for a swimming party.  It has been very very hot lately so I'm sure the water felt great.  They made it home in time for lunch then made a taco ring for our supper.  Meanwhile,  I was having a very rough day at work.  When I got to work our T1 line from Verizon was down.  I literally spent hours on the phone with them throughout the day but things still weren't up by the time I came home for supper.  After supper, Ina Sue, Lola and Carolina Sue went to Aiken to do some shopping at Hobby Lobby and Bath & Body.  They claimed that they had lots of fun....   I cannot imagine!  I kept the younger children at home and got along real well.
Ladies night out... I was up pretty much the whole night calling Verizon every hour or two to give them a greater sense of urgency with our problem.  Finally around 5:00am they said that they would need to dispatch a technician to the store to check out the smartjack.  I drove in to the shop but by the time I got there the T1 was back up again.  They still wanted the technician to check the jack so I stayed around until he got there around 7:30.  He checked it out and said that everything checked fine.  I worked at the shop until about dinnertime on Wednesday then came home for some sleep.  Unfortunately, I got a call from the shop around 3:30 that the circuit was back down again.  Now Verizon says that they have found the problem in their equipment but that it will be tomorrow before they have a replacement.  Arrrrgh!
Lola has done a ton of sewing for us...  What a blessing. Meanwhile, at home, Lola spent her day sewing dresses for Carolina.  Ina Sue made up a big batch of bread.  We had aspargus lasagna for supper then went to prayer meeting.  After the prayer time, Conrad Stover led the discussion on "Knowledge", as in "add to your faith, virtue, and to virtue, knowledge".  Since Carolian Sue is not six, she got to go to the children's class for the first time.  After the service I had a school board meeting then went back in to the shop to continue my fight with Verizon.
Making monster cookies. I came home Thursday morning around 1:00 and the T1 was back up again.  I sure hope it stays up this time.  Ina Sue got up in good time and went to get milk while I slept in.  I went back in to work at the regular time and had a reasonable day.  The ladies made up a big batch of monster cookies.  They also picked us some sweet corn from Carl's field for us to eat along with our BLT's for supper.  Lola went with the youth to sing at the nursing home and played  volleyball.  We played hide and seek and "sardines" to the children's great enjoyment.
Bedtime Stories. We had French toast for breakfast on Friday.  I was back at work again.  Lola finished sewing a dress for Ina Sue and started on a surprise Sunday dress for Carolina Sue.  They also cleaned the house and did a couple loads of laundry.  We had lemon chicken & vegetable kabobs grilled for supper.  I brought home strawberry shortcake ice cream sandwiches for a treat.  After supper we decided to take a drive around the community to show Lola where folks lived.  We ended up at Daryl Brubakers where they invited us to visit on the porch over ice cream sandwhiches.  Chad and Kendra stopped in for a while as well.  After we got home I went over to Uncle Howards to help him a bit on his computer.  Then I came home and made up two batches of cheese.  Late before I got to bed.
The bees were swarming Saturday morning. Ina Sue got up and fed the baby early on Saturday then she, Lola & Carolina went to the flea market early.  They were disappointed this time.  Seemed to be mostly junk and high prices.  They said it was mainly a waste of time but Lola enjoyed the "cultural" experience.  I kept the other children and made up my favorite breakfast casserole for a brunch when they got back.  I spent the rest of the day mowing and cleaning up outside.  The ladies cooked, cleaned & sewed.  A restful evening at home.