June 14, 2010

Our big six-year old. A quick breakfast with our guests on Sunday morning then off to church at Barnwell.  Uncle Eldwin preached on "Faithfulness".  Good sermon.  Uncle Lee's went to Uncle Enos's for dinner then hit the road back to Virginia from there.  The rest of us came back home and had leftovers for dinner.  Afternoon naps then we had Patrick Heatwole's over for an evening of fellowship.  Ina Sue had also made a kitty cat for Carolina Sue's birthday.  (She was in VA over her birthday last week)  So, we had a little birthday celebration for her. 
The party-goers. Up and at in Monday morning.  Ina Sue was glad to have Lola's help today.  I went in to work while they started on the laundry.  It was a pretty day outside so they spent some time outside working on the flower beds.    Sometime during the day the ladies took the children over to Wendell's to pick out a kitty for them to raise.  Somehow they ended up coming back with two! They had finagled my permission for one, and now guess what...  Oh well, they are pretty cute and they do love playing with each other.
Cheetos and Pringles (the kittys) I got home from work a little early and helped get the children ready for our first night of Summer Bible School.  Carolina Sue is in Kindergarten2 this year.  Landon is still to young to go to an official class but Ms. Benita is offering a special class for the youngsters his age during the 2nd half of the evening.  She is using flannelgraphs to tell Bible stories for them.  That was so nice for both him and for us.  Children his age can find it difficult to set for almost two hours...  Hendrick is teaching the adult class on "The Bible and Science".  Afterward we drove in to Reids to pick up some quick groceries.
Hendrick teaches the adult class. Ina Sue made baked oatmeal and peaches for us for breakfast on Tuesday.  Lola made us up a big batch of bars and worked on sewing.  I spent the day at work trying to make money...  (and of course serve customers)  Ina Sue fixed us a ham/broccoli stromboli for supper along with zucchini crisps.  Jane Brubaker and Ina Sue took the snack for the adult class this evening.  An assortment of bars and iced tea.
Ms. Benita with her class. I went to work Wednesday and the lady folks worked outside for most of the morning until it got too hot.  Lola has been sewing up dresses for Carolina Sue to start school in.  She finished one today and started on another.  We had zucchini beef bake and cucumber salad for supper then back to Bible school.
Lola runs the children's rickshaw. I was hoping to take off on Thursday but had too much going on at the shop.  I went in to work at the normal time and Ina Sue ran through a few quick loads of laundry.  Lola finished the 2nd dress for Carolina.  I was able to come home around 2:00 and did the mowing.  We grilled brats and ate them with sauerkraut for supper.  Then to Bible school again.  The adult class this evening was on Creation.  An interesting class with some lively debate.  Home for ice cream and chips.
Three wet goobers. After a breakfast of hotdog & egg gravy over toast I headed in to work on Friday.  Ina Sue and Lolo together wiped out the weekly cleaning by 11:30.  In Ina Sue's words. "Wow!"  Lola sewed some more in the afternoon.  Ina Sue got us a batch of sweet corn from Franklin Heatwole's patch.  Delicious!  Then to Bible school for our last evening.  The powers that be handed out candy bars to everyone afterward.  Lola stayed and played volleyball with the youth while we brought the children home for a snack and bed.
Our little fireman. I had to work at the shop on Saturday.  Ina Sue made us all cheesy egg bake for breakfast.  We had a very slow day at the shop.  I had plenty to work on in the service department but very few customers came in.  Ina Sue and Lola spread a bunch of bark mulch in the morning then cut out a dress for Ina Sue and another one for Carolina.   I got home from work around 4:00 and Landon helped me light up our brush pile in the back field.  It made some serious heat.  I was pretty constantly spraying water on it to very little effect.  It burned down very nice by the evening.  Ina Sue made us chicken/spinach pizza for supper while I washed the car.  After supper we played a couple games of Uno and Dutch Blitz.