May 29, 2010

Waiting for time to go to church Mom fixed us all baked oatmeal over fruit for breakfast on Sunday.  Delicious!  We got all the children ready and left for church at Hartwell right on time.  They allow 3 year olds to go to Sunday school there so Landon got to go to Sunday school.  He said it was "Great".  Bro. Larry Miller preached from Jeremiah 19.  We went back to the Center for a lunch of grilled hamburgers & hotdogs with all the fixins plus macaroni & cheese, squash stir-fry, and apple cake.  Then we spent the afternoon playing a variety of games.  In the late afternoon we even got together several games of volleyball.  We started packing up around 6:00 and left for home around 7:30.  Got back to Govan at 10:30.  A wonderful weekend with family!
Church at Hartwell Sunday morning. Monday was back to the usual grind with laundry and work.  I spent most of the afternoon working down at Grant Allendale to terminate a fiber optic run up to a camera mounted on the side of their chip storage facility.  The camera was about 50' in the air so all the work had to be done off of a lift.  It was not a nice situation to be terminating fiber in...  But the link seems to be working fine so we must have got it right.  It was about 7:00 though before I finished and got home for supper.  Ina Sue fixed us spaghetti pie and fresh broccoli for supper.  She had already fed the children by the time I got home and she went on a bike ride with the three oldest while I stayed home to eat and keep Claudia.  She got really fussy so I ended up taking her for a walk.
Playing Dad's old favorite, "42's" I was at work all day on Tuesday.  Ina Sue cleaned the house, ironed clothes, and did some sewing.  She fixed us zucchini crisps for supper along with a salad, garlic bread, and fresh pineapple.  I mowed the back and side yards while Ina Sue took the children for another walk.  A lovely evening.
A quick set of volleyball in the afternoon. I fixed us waffles for breakfast on Wednesday.  Ina Sue baked up a batch of ham & cheese pockets, zucchini cupcakes, and cornflake chews for our lunch tomorrow.  The children spent most of the day playing outside.  After I got home from work we ate a quick supper then I met my accountability group at McDonalds in Denmark for a couple hours.  Ina Sue and the children took a long walk and visited with the neighbors. 
Picking mint tea Thursday was a wonderful day together as a family.  We had planned to leave around 7:00 but slept in a bit instead.  We left around 9:00 and headed to Hunting Island and the beach.  We had a nice drive and got there around 11:00.  We were a bit disappointed by how many vehicles were parked in the parking lot but when we got out to the beach everyone seemed to be staying right around the bath house and parking lot.  We walked about 300 yards down the beach and had a whole section of beach almost completely to ourselves.
Building their own version of a sand castle. This was the first time Savannah has been big enough to enjoy the beach.  She took to it with her usual abandon.  We decided that we needed to keep a close eye on her or she would head out on her own.  Landon on the other hand is pretty scared of the waves.  I tried and tried to convince him to come out with me to where the water was waist high on him.  He would come out but as soon as a wave splashed a little water on his face he would tear off for the sand.  He kept his life jacket on all the time and spent most of his time splashing along the edge or playing in the sand.  It was a lovely day and we all had a great time.  Ina Sue's packed lunch was perfect for the occasion.  She had also brought along two umbrellas which really came in handy.  We wanted to be really careful to protect Claudia from the sun. 
Taking a stroll with my babies. We packed up and left around 3:00 while the children were still in a good mood.  Grabbed a quick supper at Burger King and got home around 5:30.  I worked for a while planting some stuff in the garden while Ina Sue vacuumed out the van.  She gave me a haircut then we got the children bathed and in bed.  I very good day!
Had to keep the sun off of Claudia Ina Sue started on the cleaning Friday morning while I went in to work.  Chicken/ham salad over homemade wheat biscuits for supper.  I mowed a while after supper then came in and played with the children.
Husking sweet corn for supper on Saturday. Saturday was my turn to work at the shop.  Brian and I pretty much managed the shop by ourselves today.  Things have been really slow and Tom had some things he needed to take care of.  Ina Sue and the children trimmed the ivy and the roses around the front porch.  After we closed the shop at 3:00 I rushed to get some shopping done.  I wanted to get home in time to get our trash over to the dump site by 4:00 when they close.  Ina Sue had given me a huge grocery list and I soon realized that there was no way I was going to make it.  I called home and told Ina Sue and she very kindly loaded up the truck and took the trash over herself.  Cousin Carl brought us a box of fresh sweet corn, cabbage, and koleraba for supper.  What a treat!  After supper I made up a big batch of dilly rolls while Ina Sue bathed Claudia.  Then I gave the others their baths, read them their story and tucked them in bed.  To bed in good time.