May 8, 2010

Heidi K. and Claudia To church at Barnwell on Sunday.  Bro. Gary preached on "Our Purpose in Life" from the life of Solomon.  Home to leftovers of spaghetti, salad, & biscuits.  After lunch I read to the children and Ina Sue made up a strawberry pizza for this evening.  We got in our afternoon naps then Andy's came over for supper and to spend the evening with us.  Taco salad & strawberry pizza for supper then a good time visiting and playing together.
The children and the wagon. Monday was Grandmother Showalter's birthday.  Ina Sue worked hard to get the laundry all done amidst all the babysitting.  I had a full day of work.  For supper Ina Sue fixed us a dish of sarmales and a salad.  After supper the children and I went out in the front and pulled vines out of our camellias and azaleas.  What a pain that was!  Around 9:30 we got a lovely rain.
Climbing our buckeye tree. Tuesday was another fast day with me busy at work and Ina Sue at home with the children.  She finished up the ironing.  Claudia was really fussy today.  We were thrilled to have an invitation to Wendell Heatwole's for supper.  Ms. Naomi fixed us a delicious spread of roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, zipper peas, spinach salad, and raspberry cheesecake.  Wow!  Gwen Amstutz is up at S. Boston with her sister Julie so Gordon and the children joined us for supper too.  After we got home and the children in bed I went back in to work until about 12:00.
They think this is great adventure. Another day another dollar on Wednesday with me back at work.  Ina Sue cut out another dress for Carolina Sue.  Beef enchiladas, salad and corn for supper then off to prayer meeting.  Joel Ocker led the discussion on "Results of vow-breaking".
Putting together the children's new beds. I had a service call scheduled in Columbia for Thursday morning.  I suggested to Ina Sue that the whole family could go along with me and do some shopping while I did my service call.  Everyone seemed pleased with the idea so we got everyone ready and on the road.  I dropped Ina Sue, Claudia and Carolina off at Joann's Fabrics while I took Landon & Savannah with me.  We got stuck waiting at the Verizon store for over an hour but the children did very well.  By the time I got that business completed and setup the computer for my customer, Ina Sue and Carolina Sue were getting very tired of material shopping. :)  We grabbed a quick dinner at Arby's and ate it on the way back home. 
Smelling the roses. While on the way back we noticed some toddler beds setting out in front of a thrift store so we stopped and ended up buying them.  Carolina & Landon have been sleeping in borrowed beds all along.  These were nice white wooden ones and we thought it was time that we had some of our own.  After we got home the rest of the family went to bed for naps while I went down to the square and planted some flowers around the Govan sign.  Ms. Benita Hege brought us a scrumptious supper of homemade bread, grilled ham with pineapple, fresh potatoes, zipper peas, and a wonderful dessert.  What a treat!  While we were relaxing/digesting on the front porch, Naomi walked by with her grandchildren so we visited for a while with her while the children played.
Our little munchkin. I was back at work again on Friday while Ina Sue did her regular Friday cleaning.  She also put up 6 pints of broccoli from the garden.  We had delicious leftovers from our supper last evening.  Took a walk around Govan after supper.  We had some problem with the neighbor dog, "Bo" who insisted on following us home.  I've never seen Landon pedal his tricycle quite as fast as he did when he thought Bo was chasing him.  We are thankful that his frantic sprint did not end in an accident. :)  We came back home and played some Dutch Blitz with Carolina Sue. 
Planting vinca along the walk. I had to work on Saturday.  Ina Sue fixed us cheesy egg bake for breakfast.  She and the children pulled up the pansies along our front walk and did some weeding.  When I got home they helped me get the bed ready then I planted vinca along the walk.  Ina Sue made us a chicken spinach pizza for supper.  Yum!  After supper we took a drive around the neighborhood to sightsee and do errands.  We drove up to Denmark and I dropped Ina Sue and the children off at McDonalds for an ice cream treat while I washed the van and filled it up with gas.  Came home and gave the children baths then did some work on the computer before heading to bed.