April 3, 2010

One of the many machines working on the railroad. There was a really big crowd at church Sunday morning because of all the visitors for the wedding.  The church is full on a normal Sunday and it was packed this morning.  One of the Miller uncles preached a good message on "Godly Character".  We had a fellowship meal afterward down in the school.  Came home, took naps, played games, ate supper, then went to church for a song service in the evening.
Tearing into the kitchen floor. Monday was busy.  It was raining when we got up so Ina Sue had to do the laundry inside again.  I headed in to work.  Ina Sue and the children walked down the road toward the railroad and watched the crew working there this morning.  They are replacing a bunch of the old rotted railroad ties.  They counted at least 28 different pieces of machinery moving down the track, each doing its own job.  Very interesting.  After I got home from work we had catfish, herbed potatoes and broccoli for supper then I worked out in the garden until dark.  After we got the children in bed I started working on tearing up the old kitchen floor.  What a mess!  Ina Sue went and got milk then went to bed.  I didn't get done with my work until after midnight.
Duane helping to start the new flooring. I got up Tuesday morning and worked to put down some 1/4 plywood in the kitchen so that it would look a little better.  I got about half of the kitchen done before I needed to go to work.  Ina Sue finished sewing up a new dress for Carolina and did some ironing.  We had chicken salad for supper then spent some time just relaxing outside.  After the children went to bed I got out the paint roller and brush and put a nice new coat of paint on our dining room ceiling.  It is the old beaded wainscoting and the caulk that Ina Sue had used on it several years ago had discolored.  It looks much better now.  We are pleased.
and with the finished floor. After we ate breakfast and I left for work on Wednesday, Ina Sue and the children cleaned the front porch up nice with lots of water and a little bleach.  Thankfully, Savannah slept through the entire project so that helped.  It was a beautiful day.  Ina Sue cleaned up the laundry room then made beef enchiladas for our supper.  My brother Duane drove over after supper and stayed for the night with us so that we could get up in good time and start on our project in the morning.  We actually started working a little to get everything ready.  Just after we knocked off to go to bed the icemaker hose sprung a nasty leak where we had run over it with the fridge... :(  It took us about an hour to find the parts we needed and to get it fixed.
This looks dangerous! We started work at 6:30 on Thursday and made really good time putting down the new flooring.  We had purchased an engineered wood product from Webbs.  It is a 5 1/2" heritage hickory plank made of plywood with a prefinished handscraped top.  We are very happy with how it looks.  Ina Sue made us hash browns and sausage gravy for a late breakfast.  We got the last boards laid in the kitchen around 4:00.  Duane headed home and I hurried to clean up as much as possible before our midwife showed up for her "home visit".  She brought along another midwife who will probably be assisting in the birth as well.  We had a nice visit, then I left them with Ina Sue and took the children with me to Bamberg to get some supper from Taco Bell.  After supper I worked on getting things cleaned up outside.
Papa's new toy Friday was "Good Friday".  Ina Sue spent most of the day house cleaning the dining room.  Of course I had made quite a bit of dust so that was probably necessary this time.  I spent a busy day at work catching up from the day off.  Ina Sue made us stromboli for supper then we went to church for our communion service.  This is the first time I ever remember us having the service on Good Friday evening.  I thought that the service fit in well with the day and enjoyed the service very much.  I was in charge of a meditation for the feet washing service so that put me a little on edge...  We came home from church and put the children in bed then Ina Sue and I spent about and hour and a half getting some heavy duty cleaning done.
The new 6-year old and her groupies. We both got up at 5:30 on Saturday.  I rushed to make my round of Govan checking the water meters.  Ina Sue went and got milk then made us breakfast of pepperoni quiche.  I ate mine quickly then drove over to Carl's to pick up his truck then to Ivan's to pick up his trailer.  I drove up to Lowes and bought a new John Deere riding mower and got the cart for free.  I also picked up some other things at Lowes and did a shopping run to Walmart for Ina Sue.  Came home and worked to get the cart assembled then mowed our yard and the square.  Ina Sue had a hard time with her allergies today.  The pollen is really thick!
The adults enjoyed the lovely evening by the pond.  In the evening we went over to the mule barn for a party celebrating Caroline Heatwoles 6'th birthday.  Patrick's grilled hotdogs and had a relish tray, chips, cake & ice cream.  Wendell Heatwoles and Conrad Stovers were also there.  A beautiful evening!