March 27, 2010

Leon and his new little one Bro. Gary preached on Sunday on "The Law of Sowing & Reaping".  Savannah's diaper didn't quite do its job during the service and she pretty much soaked her dress...  Home for grilled chicken, confetti rice and a salad.  We all tried to take naps except for Carolina Sue & Landon who evidently didn't feel like they needed sleep.  In the evening we took supper and home made ice cream over to Leon  Duecks and saw there new baby, Riley Bryce.  Cute little thing.  A nice evening visiting.
He already has girls admiring him... Monday was rainy so the laundry had to be done inside.  I worked a full day at work then came home to supper of pork BarBQ over basmatic rice, and kale.  After supper I worked until dark filling in some of the last of the irrigation ditches then made a batch of mozzarella cheese.  Ina Sue baked up a batch of cinnamon swirl bread.
Starting to tear up the dining room floor (notice fungus) It was colder on Tuesday.  I spent most of the day at work but did come home about an hour early.  Ina Sue packed up a bunch of the children's clothes that they have outgrown and hauled them up to the attic.  After I got home I made up a sand strainer with some fine fence wire and a 2x4 frame.  The children and I shoveled the sand out of the sand box and I started straining out the leaves and sticks.  The sand was almost too wet though to strain nicely through the holes.  We didn't get very far.  Salad and garlic bread for supper.  Mark & Norma came over to take our council meeting council this evening.  I am so thankful for our church and for the ministers that God has given us!
This beam shows termite & fungus damage... Back to work again on Wednesday.  Ina Sue has been having a bit of problem with her allergies again.  I guess the pollen is part of it.  She sewed on a dress for Carolina Sue.  In the afternoon she met me in Barnwell and we switched vehicles.  I took the van and the children home and she went for a back appointment and to do some Walmart shopping.  The children and I came home and made Easter eggs.  They really enjoyed that.  Then I worked to re-organize our games closet in the guest bedroom.  After Ina Sue got home and the children were in bed I went back in to work to catch up on some server work I needed to do.  Didn't make it back home to bed until about 5:00... :(
Repaired and covered up. Ms. Sharon had so very kindly volunteered to keep our children for us this week so Ina Sue dropped them off with her Thursday morning while she went to a Dr. appointment in Orangeburg.  In order for a midwife to attend our home birth we are required by law to have two check-ups by a physician.  This is the 2nd checkup and he needs to certify that this is a low risk pregnancy.  It seems to be harder and harder to find physicians willing to do this anymore.  They seem to all be afraid of law suits.  We are thankful that we found an office in Orangeburg that will work with us.  When she got to the office she found out that she had actually missed her appointment (through no fault of her own)  They worked her in but by the time she finished there and did a little shopping it was 4:00 before she got home.
The happy couple.  Lavon & Kristi Miller In the meantime, I bit the bullet and started tearing our out dining room floor.  It was a mess.  The fungus had almost completely destroyed all three layers of flooring and underlayment.  It is surprising that someone hadn't already gone through it...  After I got the flooring all removed I cut the damaged joists back then worked on replacing the big load bearing girder that goes under the wall.  Between termites from years ago, and this fungus, there wasn't much left to bear the load.  By the time Ina Sue got back home things still looked like a pretty big mess.  She is finding it hard not to be depressed with the thought of everything that needs to be done before the baby comes.  (She is in nesting mode right now and a torn up house is not what she needs).  By midnight I had the floor all covered back up and I tried to sweep up the mess as much as possible.
Some of the wedding guests. I dragged myself out of bed and headed in to work on Friday.  Ina Sue did some cleaning in the morning but wasn't feeling well at all.  I stopped by in the early afternoon and picked up the children and took them with me on a service call to Hampton to give her a break.  She said she is feeling some better now.  After we got home I made us sloppy joes, corn and carrots for supper.  After the children were in bed I worked for several hours putting down a layer of 1/4" plywood to build up the floor and also to give a nice surface for our new flooring.
I got the dining room all cleaned back up for Sunday. It was cool on Saturday morning.  About 40 degrees.  I was disappointed to have to work today but with Hendrick being in NY and Tom & Brian having duties at the wedding, there was no one else to cover...  Ina Sue dropped Landon & Savannah off at Ivan Skrivseth's then took Carolina Sue with her to Lavon & Kristi's wedding.  She said it was a very nice wedding with a delicious meal of grilled chicken strip salad, twice baked potatoes, cake & ice cream.  After I got home from work I finished putting down the plywood in the dining room then worked to get everything cleaned up and back in place for Sunday.  Ina Sue spent the evening cooking and cleaning.  We ate supper of ham sandwiches out on the deck.