March 20, 2010

Playing with CrackerJack in the garden. The time changed on us Sunday morning.  We had to get around 1 hour earlier for church.  Carl preached this morning on "Nonresistance in Everyday Life".  Ina Sue fixed us a delectable lunch of Savory Roast Beef, potatoes, carrots, cucumber salad, & carrot cake.  We all got nice long naps.  After we got up I took the two oldest for a bike ride.  At church in the evening the Bible School students gave reports on their time at Bible School this year.  Good!  After church we went for Wes & Lois's for a quick snack of grape juice and popcorn.  Nice visit.
Raking the leaves off the deck. I felt really nasty when I woke up on Monday.  Headache, congestion and runny nose...  Arrgh!  I had a really full day planned at work though so off I went.  Spent most of the day on a service call up in Columbia.  Ina Sue spent the day doing the Monday laundry and taking care of children.  It was a beautiful day so they spent quite a bit of the day outside.  We had roast beef sandwiches for supper.  I was still feeling pretty rough so I went to bed at 8:00....
Blowing them off the shed roof. Up and at it again on Tuesday.  I felt some better after a long night's sleep.  While I labored at work Ina Sue kept children all day.  Erica Korver spent the morning here with our children then Patrick's dropped their children off in the afternoon for the their monthly "date night".  Ina Sue fixed us tater tot casserole for supper then we all took a walk.  After Patricks picked up their children Ina Sue and I put the children to bed then worked on getting our finances all caught up in Quicken.
My front yard sprinklers. Another day at work for me on Wednesday.  Ina Sue packed up the children and took our minivan up to Denmark for an oil change.  Savannah is not feeling very good these days.  We hope it is her teeth...  In the evening Ina Sue stayed home with her while I took the two oldest children along with me to prayer meeting.  Joshua Heatwole led the discussion on another chapter from "Vow Breakers, Vow Keepers".
Taking time to smell the "roses". Thursday was another beautiful day.  I went in to work. Ina Sue and the children cleaned up the asparagus patch and cut down last year's deadwood on our Carolina rose.  In the afternoon they all met me at Webb's Hardware to look at their samples of hardwood, laminate etc for our dining room and kitchen.  Since my pet fungus has almost completely eaten the dining room floor up to the point of falling through, we are going to have to do some major replacing....  Ham broccoli quiche for supper with strawberry shakes and chocolate chip cookies.  I took the two youngest on bike rides then played games with Carolina Sue.  After they were all in bed I went back to work for several hours.
Our lady Godiva at the keyboard. We got up in good time on Friday.  Ina Sue started on the cleaning.  I made us scrambled eggs for breakfast.  After I went in to work, our midwife came for a visit.  Everything still seems to be on schedule and progressing well with the baby.  We are so very thankful.  Ina Sue did some scrapbooking then fixed us roast beef salad sandwiches for supper.  After supper she and Carolina Sue went up to Gwen Amstutz' for a visit.  Gwen is making a diaper bag for Ina Sue and she needed to pick out material.  Landon and I built a Lincoln Log hotel.
A beautiful camellia specimen that Landon picked. Saturday marked the beginning of the last month before the scheduled arrival of our expected baby.  I was off from work and we had a great day  at home together.  We worked outside for most of the day.  I planted some plants in the garden,  we trimmed up the liriope.  Mowing, raking, mulching etc.  We knocked off in decent time and Ina Sue made us chicken quesadillas and salad for supper.  A nice restful evening.