March 13, 2010

Savannah playing with Aunt Jeanne. It was quite a job getting the whole clan ready for church on Sunday.  Actually the Virginia & Maryland contingent didn't go with us to church.  They started up the road at 9:00 when we left for church.  Carl preached the sermon this morning on nonresistance.  For dinner we had a quick lunch of sandwiches and salad then took our naps.  After we got up I took Landon & Carolina on a nice long bike ride.  As we were riding we me up with our neighbor Wayne Gunnells out walking his dog then also talked to Hendrick.  We decided spur of the moment to invite them both over or supper and the evening.  We fixed waffles with sausage gravy or syrup then finished up with waffles, whipped cream & thickened strawberries for dessert.  After supper we played UNO and put together puzzles.
Adam "plows" the coffee table. Monday was another busy Monday.  Laundry, and child care for Ina Sue and service calls for me.  It was a perfectly lovely day weather-wise   The children enjoyed playing out in the sandbox.  Ina Sue fixed us parmesan catfish with rice pilaf & field peas for supper.  After supper I helped fold the clothes and cleaned up the house.
Ready to head back to Virginia/Maryland Tuesday was another lovely day outside.  I spent most of the day in the shop with a few service calls.  Ina Sue got the ironing out of the way to start with then took the children outside and pruned the shrubbery.  She dropped the children off with Bethany Heatwole around 2:30 and came by the shop to pick me up.  We drove over to Aiken for the evening.  Ina Sue shopped at Joann's Fabric while I attended a telephone PRMC meeting for an our or so.  After we got done with that we did some more shopping then ate supper at Habor Inn restaurant.  Finished up the evening at Walmart then headed back to Barnwell to pick up the children.
Hendrick & Wayne Gunnels joined us for the evening. Wednesday was drizzly.  Ina Sue worked much of the day in the kitchen.  I went to work.  Ina Sue fixed supper and took it to Wesley & Lois.  They are planning to move next week and are busy packing things up.  She made double portions so we got to share the poppy-seed chicken, hollandaise green beans, and Caesar salad.  After supper I went over to Carls to help him with his computer for an hour or two.
Playing in the sandbox. Still raining on Thursday.  I spent the day at work.  Ina Sue did her weekly cleaning today because she had other plans for tomorrow.  For supper we had beef stroganoff over noodles, beets, & salad.  Duane Bange came over after supper so that we could work on the church directory.  We found out today that Gwen Risser (my cousin Eric Risser's wife) passed away from a blood clot early this morning.  So very, very sad!  But don't we all need reminding that our lives are in God's hands!
Putting together a new puzzle. We got up early on Friday.  I helped get the children all dressed then took them with me and dropped them off at Cheryl Bange's for the morning.  Ina Sue met up with a group of the young ladies from church and rode along with them to Aiken for a Kid's Consignment sale that the Baptist church there puts on.  After that they went shopping at Goodwill, Kid2Kid, & Hobby Lobby.  They finished up with dinner at Subway.  She said she had lots of fun!  She got back around 3:00 and picked the children up.  Naps all around.  After I got home we had leftovers for supper then I went over to Carls' again to help with a few more issues.  Carl invited me to bring the rest of the family along and they all enjoyed the snack of floats & cookies.  After we got done there and got the children in bed I drove back in to work for several hours.
Reading the bedtime story. I had to work on Saturday.  The weather was pretty today but fairly windy.  Ina Sue baked some cakes and tried to get housework done between taking care of the children.  After I got home around 4:00 I planted cabbage, cauliflower & broccoli in the garden then washed the car.  A fairly restful evening at home.