March 6, 2010

Elam & Ellen Heatwole (our speaker for Bible conference) I taught Sunday School for the last time this quarter.  I'm looking forward to sitting in someone else's class again...  We had a busy morning getting everyone ready for church and Ina Sue putting the last touches on our dinner.  Bro. Elam preached this morning from Titus 2.  After church we had Elams, James Banges and Danny Heges and Drew Carter (a visitor) over for dinner.  French bread, poor mans steak, gourmet potatoes, carrots, and angel food cake with strawberries.  A nice time visiting then short naps before going to church in the evening.  Elam's topic tonight was "The Blessed Hope of His Appearing".  A very nice sermon to end the week on!  Home then for milkshakes and some family time.
James & Esther Bange. I got up at daybreak on Monday and quickly did my round of Govan to check the water meters for this month.  Ina Sue started on the laundry and made us breakfast burritos.   It was a beautiful Spring day.  I had a busy day at work but got home at the regular time.  We had tostones, Caesar salad and fresh pineapple for supper.  After I helped get the clothes folded and the children in bed I went back in to work for several hours.
Danny & Benita Hege and Eric Tuesday was cold and rainy.  I went in to work early.  Ina Sue made the children baked oatmeal and peaches for breakfast.  She packed up all the children and took them to sewing circle.  She said it was a fairly small crowd this time.  She spent most of her time knotting comforts and lap robes.  Afterward she and the children drove in to Barnwell and met me at Taco Bell for dinner.   Yorkshire pizza, green beans, carrots, and fresh pineapple for supper.
A sparsely attended men's seminar. Wednesday was very regular with me at work and Ina Sue taking care of the children at home.  She did some sewing and cut Carolina Sue out a new dress from one of her old ones.  She fixed us BarBQ chicken muffin cups, cauliflower and potatoes for supper.  We went to church for prayer meeting.  We have finished up our course with the smaller groups and are starting a new course on one of Simon Schrock's books, "Vow Breakers, Vow Keepers". 
Nevin did the PA & recording. I fixed us cornmeal mush for breakfast on Thursday then headed in to work for several hours.  Adrienne (our midwife) came for a prenatal visit in the morning.  Everything still seems to be going great.  Ina Sue and the children drove in to Barnwell in the afternoon to see me off then did some shopping and ate supper at McDonalds.  Duane Bange met me at the shop and we drove over to Augusta then rode up to the men's seminar at Hartwell with my brother Nevin.  I was feeling pretty bad about leaving my dear wife at home with the children over the weekend of her birthday.  She called me though in the evening with the surprise news that her sisters Jeanne & Marsha had shown up unannounced in the evening with Andrew, Sara Lynn and Adam.  She sounded pretty happy!  So I was glad.  I'm staying with Dad & Mom in their caretakers house here.
Aunt Marsha plays with the girls. Friday was my dear wife's 36'th birthday.  She said that had quite a great and noisy day with all the children.  They did scrapbooking just had an overall good time.  They ordered in subs from House of Pizza for supper.  Meanwhile, Dads, Nevin & I got up in time to go down to the kitchen for breakfast.  The first service started at 9:30.  Simon Schrock & ??  were the speakers this year.  The men's singing is always a highpoint of these meetings for me but the messages were very challenging as well.  A very good day!
Andy's Pork BarBQ thank-you supper. The ladies at home were up an at it early on Saturday.  They packed up the children then dropped the three youngest off with Ms. Betty while they took the rest up to the Springfield Flea Market for some early morning shopping and cultural experience...  They got back mid-morning and Ina Sue fixed them all an aspargus puff pancake for brunch.  They did  more scrap-booking in the afternoon while the children played and napped.  I woke up feeling rested this morning because I had the forethought to sleep in the living room away from my snoring relatives... The previous night was not so good.  We had a good morning session with two more sermons then a quick lunch before packing up and heading for home.   We got back to Barnwell around 4:00.  I helped get the children ready then we all went to the school to eat BarBQ.  Andy Korvers sponsored the supper as a thank-you to the church folks who have helped them on their house over the last year or so.  Very good food!