February 27, 2010

Quite an audience... We made our company "grab & growl" for breakfast on Sunday with cereal, cinnamon rolls etc then Ina Sue stayed home with Landon & Savannah while the rest of us went to church.  Bro. Mark preached on "Vessels in the Potter's Hand".  For lunch Ina Sue served us pork roast, ranch potatoes, baked corn, mandarin orange salad, French bread and pecan pie.  In the afternoon we played some games and then all took a walk together around Govan.  Home to a light supper then the adults played Rummikub and Phase 10 while the children played together.
Sunday afternoon walk. Ina Sue made us breakfast quiche for breakfast on Monday.  This was my 38'th birthday.  We got Roberts on the road to Virginia around 9:30 then I went in to work.  Ina Sue worked on the laundry.  It was a bit rainy today.  Landon is still a bit under the weather and pretty grouchy.  Ina Sue was pretty stressed so I dropped by the house around 2:00 and took the children with me on a service call to Walterboro.  After we got back home we had leftovers for supper then had a relaxing evening at home.
Robert ponders his next move. We hope that Landon is getting better.  He was still quite a grouch on Tuesday.  Ina Sue finished up the ironing and laundry and made French bread.  After I got home from work we ate supper then I met Hendrick at the school to do some virus cleanup work on their computers.  Worked till after 12:00.
While Lori waits for finish up. Landon was clearly much better on Wednesday.  I went in to work.  Ina Sue washed windows and roasted a beef roast for dinner on Sunday.  She was disappointed to find that what she thought was a really big roast was actually mostly bone...  She is hostess on Sunday and is afraid that it will not be enough for our table...  She dropped the children off at Patricks then met me at the shop.  We drove over to Aiken and went to Outback to celebrate our birthdays.  Shopping at Aldi's, JC Penney's, & Walmart.  After we got back to Barnwell Ina Sue took the children home and put them to bed while I did some more work at the shop.
Landon has become a Lincoln Log architect. Egg "McMuffins" for breakfast on Thursday.  I had to go in to work until lunch but then was able to take off for the rest of the day.  Ina Sue baked and cooked for most of the day to get ready for Sunday.  I worked most of the afternoon to prepare my holes and plant 12 new blueberry bushes.  I hope they take off!  In the evening we went to church for our first night of our Bible Conference.  Bro. Elam Heatwole from Harrisonburg is our speaker.  He had a good message tonight on "Encouraging One Another".  After we got home we put the children in bed and spent an hour or two doing some cooking for Sunday.  I grilled up a bunch of poor mans steak on the grill.
Uncle Howard & Aunt Miriam here for small group. Friday was a busy day.  I had a full day at work.  Ina Sue did the cleaning and cooked for the evening.  The sermon tonight was on "Rebuking those that Need Correction".  After church we had a small group over for a refreshments.  Ina Sue served us cream puff dessert with chips and ice tea.
Taking a nap in their improvised hut. I had to work on Saturday.  It was colder outside today.  After I got home I gave my car a thorough cleaning.  Ina Sue made us Hawaiian pizza for supper then we went to church for our third evening of Bible Conference.  The topic tonight was "The Reason, Requirements and Rewards of Salvation".  All of these sermons have been taken from the book of Titus.