February 13, 2010

Carolyn's 19'th birthday brunch. I taught the youth SS again at Barnwell on Sunday so had to get up early to study.  Mark Hochstetler preached on "Not Taking our Christian Life for Granted".   We came home to a dinner of sirloin steak, ranch potatoes, corn, salad, and lemon bars.  Took naps then went to Aden Diems for supper.  Brent Heges and Katie Kauffman were also there.  We had a delicious meal and a very nice time visiting.  The children had a great time too but Landon had a little wet accident. :(
The older children had their own table. My weight has creeped up a little higher than I wanted so I started a fast again on Monday.  Ina Sue did the weekly laundry while I spent the day at the shop.  I worked a little late while Ina Sue fixed the children supper of soft pretzels.  After I got home we all worked together to get the clothes put away and the house straightened up.  Then the children and I put together a puzzle and played "Memory".
The snow coming down... Tuesday was another normal day of work for me.  Ina Sue kept Erica K while her mother went to the prison in Columbia with the other ladies.  She spent much of her day sewing but did make an asparagus puff pancake dish for herself to enjoy.  Since I am still fasting and the children say they don't like asparagus....  I worked a little late then came home and played with the children.  Put them to bed then did finances for an hour or so.
A winter wonderland Saturday morning. We got up and at it early on Wednesday.  Ina Sue is hosting a little brunch in honor of Carolyn Heatwole's 19'th birthday.  She had Betty and her sister Joyce, Laura Doug and Lois Wesley with their children.  Breakfast quiche, blueberry muffins fruit and juice.  She said they had a nice time.  It has gotten much colder during the last day or two.  Another evening at home.  We love not having so much going on these days...
Our house doesn't look like this very often! I took off the whole day on Thursday.  I am still fasting so that took a bit of the joy out of the day...  The children and I spent much of the day covering the irrigation ditches.  It was a nice day to work outside but just a little chilly.  Ina Sew sewed most of the day.  Carolina Sue had a fever in the evening and you could tell she wasn't feeling well.
Sampling "snowcream" Carolina Sue was definitely sick when we got up on Friday.  She just laid around on the couch pretty much all day.  Her head hurt and she ached all over but at least didn't have an upset stomach.  Ina Sue spent the day cleaning and sewing.  Amazingly, it started to snow around 2:30 and is starting to accumulate.  I had to stay in late at work to assist a customer and by the time I drove home around 9:00 there was already several inches of snow on the roads.  It is so pretty and still coming down!
The Strites and their snowman. We woke up Saturday to a winter wonderland.  It was not snowing any more but there was snow sitting on every twig and branch.  Absolutely beautiful and a sight we very seldom see in our neck of the woods.  Carolina seemed to be feeling much better when she got up so after breakfast we bundled everybody up good and went outside to play.  Tom and I discussed it and decided to close the store for the day.  We had a big time playing outside and made a snowman.  We also made up a batch of snow cream that the children and I really enjoyed.  In the afternoon Carl and his boys invited us to come ride on their home made sled that they were pulling behind their "gator".  A wonderful day!  I spent most of the afternoon working on a presentation on our mission in Puerto Rico to give Sunday evening at Abbeville.