February 6, 2010

Ms. Mary takes Savannah for a ride. Ina Sue got up Sunday morning and got our dinner ready to go.  Glendon Eshleman preached on the subject of "Vows".  A good sermon.  After church we took our dinner over to Ms. Mary Schrock's and fellowshipped with her and Melvins.  Ina Sue fixed roast beef, stuffed potatoes, green beans, salad and a pecan pie with ice cream.   A very nice time visiting together.  After dinner Melvin showed me around his fruit patch where he has lots of scuppernongs and blackberries planted.  Came home and the others got short naps.  I spent my time making up a batch of cheddar pinwheels to take to church for our snack.  The Barnwell Mennonite Chorale gave the program then we had a carry-in snack afterward.
The two "Ina Sue"s  (Strite & Schrock)

It was cold on Monday... below 30 degrees.  I went on in to work and Ina Sue spent her day doing laundry and moderating the children.  We are trying to decide how to proceed with our expected birth coming up.  We are leaning toward a home birth but are not quite settled.  Ina Sue set up an appointment for us to meet with another midwife Thursday evening.  I came home from work a little early and we checked the water meters then had supper of tomato soup, fresh Italian bread and a fresh salad with avacados, and ham and cheese sandwiches.  After supper we had time for a few hands of Blitz with the children.
The children and Erica lined up all the dominos. I went off to work again on Tuesday.  Ina Sue forgot all about sewing circle today until about 8:30.  She rushed around and was able to get there around 9:30 with the children.  The children love the time there.  Normally one of the youth girls are in charge of entertaining the little ones.  Ina Sue said she spent most of her time knotting comforts.  Ms. Bonnie brought them all fresh donuts for a treat.  They came home in the afternoon and all got naps.  After I got home we had sausage pie & squash pie for supper then worked on getting the monthly water bills printed out.  After the children were in bed I went back into work for several hours.
Covering ditches. Wednesday was very ordinary with me at work and Ina Sue working on some sewing.  Had prayer meeting in the evening.  We are still really enjoying our class on child rearing and Bible prophecy.
Landon always wants to help. It was pretty cold again on Thursday.  I wanted to take off for the day but had to work from 8:00 to dinner time.  I worked all afternoon on hooking up the well and covering ditches.  Ina Sue made up a delicious batch of cinnamon rolls.  We met in the evening with Adrienne Leeds, a prospective midwife and had a nice visit with her.  Now to make a decision....  I made us zesty chicken wings for supper and ended up eating most of them myself.  My wife and children are not really fond of eating meat off of the bone....  Duane Bange came over in the later evening for me to work with him in laying our our new church directories.
Even Savannah kept track of the sprinkler heads. Friday was a rainy day with me at work.  Ina Sue said it was snowing in Virginia.  She did the cleaning but felt pretty tired.  I brought us home cheap chicken burritos from Taco Bell for supper.  After the children were in bed I went back in to work to try to get the service dept. caught up.
The road grading crew. It was a bit drizzly Saturday morning but cleared off by mid-morning.  I continued work on covering up the irrigation ditches.  The children all wanted to "help".  It was a beautiful day for working outside.  The road crew did a bunch of work on our road, digging out the ditches then sweeping up the mess.  The children enjoyed watching the machinery.   Carl stopped by for several hours in the afternoon to help me with my work.  Pizza pie and salad for supper then a fairly restful evening at home.