January 30, 2010

An evening with Don Heatwoles At church on Sunday, Gary Hege preached on "God the Father".  Home for fried ham, baked macaroni and a salad then naps.  In the evening we had a song service with several hymn histories.  I got to give a history then lead the song.  I picked the song, "Just as I Am".  After the service we had Don Heatwole's over for a snack and visit.  Betty's sister Joyce is visiting so we enjoyed having her too.
Kristi opens her gifts... Up and at it again on Monday.  Ina Sue said she had a huge batch of wash.  I am very thankful to have Hendrick back in the shop after three weeks of being away at Heritage Bible School.  We found out today that Craig & Kari Myers little unborn baby died.  They just recently found out through a sonogram that there were complications and they flew back to Augusta for treatment.  We feel so bad for them.  Their baby was due just a couple months before ours...  In the evening I kept the children while Ina Sue went to Kristi Dickerson's bridal shower.  She said it was a nice shower and a very big crowd.  She did some shopping at Walmart afterward and didn't get home until kinda late.
while the crowd looks on. I went in to work at 7:30 on Tuesday.  Ina Sue finished up the laundry with the ironing then did some sewing.  I have been trying to avoid it but had to climb up our radio tower this afternoon.  The wind was as bad as I have ever seen it.  By the time I got up to 280 feet I just about turned around and came right back down.  I stuck it out though and tested all of our equipment and the alignment of the antennas to no avail.  When I got back to the shop I climbed out 50 foot tower and found that the problem was actually with the antenna on our end...  Oh well, I got good exercise.  Frank Wengers from Ina Sue's old stomping grounds stopped in for a visit in the afternoon but were just leaving when I got home.  We had pizza, cooked cabbage, and green beans for supper.  Played some Dutch Blitz with Carolina.
The view from 280 feet over Snelling. Ina Sue had a baby appointment Wednesday morning at 9:30 so I kept the children.  I took them with me on a quick service call.  After Ina Sue got back home I went on in to work for the rest of the day.  It was a gorgeous day outside.   Ina Sue and the children spent several hours in the afternoon picking up sticks and enjoying the outdoors.  Chicken quesadillas and salad for supper.  A restful evening at home.
and me on our 50 foot tower. I took most of the day Thursday off.  I did go in for just a little in the morning for a quick service call and to pick up some stuff.  I spent most of the morning hooking up power to our new well.  Then in the afternoon I took all three children along with me to Hephzibah for Craig & Kari's baby's funeral.  They named her Natalia Grace.  So sad! 
The table setting for Leigh's thank you tea. Ina Sue did not go along because she was one of the ladies responsible for Leigh's tea party.  They put it on at Benita Hege's house and she said it really went well.  They had broccoli soup, ham sandwiches, relish tray, stuffed tomatoes, chicken salad, angel food cake and fruit.  Sounded like quite a party.  Hopefully Leigh felt how much she had been appreciated through the years.  The children & I ate supper at Checkers on the way home.
Around a very long table. I went to work on Friday while Ina Sue cleaned house.  She dropped the children off at Patricks then met me at the shop around 4:00.  We drove up toward New Holland for a consultation with a new midwife.  Since Dr. Glen and the midwives are no longer doing deliveries in Bamberg we have to find some other option.  We had a nice visit with the midwife and are now trying to decide if that is the way we want to go....  After we got back to Barnwell we picked up the children then Ina Sue took them home and put them to bed while I worked a bit more in the shop.
Showing Carolina how to make pecan pies. Saturday was cold and rainy.  I was pretty disappointed because this was one of the first days I have had off for some time and I hoped to get lots down outside.  Oh well, I got some webpages updated, cleaned the shop and did some inside jobs instead.  Ina Sue worked at hemming up my new suit pants.  She also cleaned our back porch and made two pecan pies with Carolina.  Carolina made up a batch of rice crispy bars almost completely by herself.  She is growing up so fast!