January 16, 2010

Reading cousin Benjamin's new book. I got up early on Sunday to study for my Sunday school class.  It was bitter cold.  Bro. Wendell preached on "Personal Accountability".  Very Good!  We came home from church and I made us sausage gravy over tater tots and a salad.  Then much needed naps.  In the evening I took Carolina & Landon with me to church while Ina Sue stayed home with a still very grouchy Savannah.  Ina Sue is starting to come down with a sore throat too.
The work of our local gangs. After a quick breakfast on Monday I left Ina Sue doing the laundry and went on a early service call.  While there I got a call from Tom that some local graffiti artists (gangs) had painted three sides of our store building...  What is this world coming to?  I had another extremely busy day.  I still have not caught up from last week and Hendrick is still off for another two weeks.  Ina Sue fixed us a good winter supper of chili soup, cheese & crackers and pickles.  After supper I went over to Carl's for a finance meeting.
The back side of the store. Ina Sue worked most of her morning Tuesday finishing the ironing and folding.  I got out of the house a little late only to find my one car tire completely flat.  By the time I got it replaced and got to work it was a bit late.  Another very full day spent mostly in the shop.  Parmesan catfish, baked corn and green beans for supper.  After the dishes I went over to Aunt Miriam's to let her fit my new suit for me.  Came home and played Dutch Blitz with Carolina Sue and Ina Sue.
The rainbow over Govan reminds us of God's promises. Pancakes for breakfast on Wednesday then helped Ina Sue get the children dressed and ready to go.  She dropped them off with Cheryl Hege while she went to the doctor for a baby visit.  Good report.  She did a little shopping in Bamberg before she picked the children back up.  I got home from work a little late, ate a quick supper of roast beef, mashed potatoes & gravy, and broccoli salad.  Went over to Aunt Miriam's for another fitting then back in to work for several hours.  Home at 1:45am.
The fiery sunset at night. Back in to work again on Thursday.  This work schedule is about to get me down...  Ina Sue cut out what she claims is her absolute last maternity dress ever!  In the evening Ina Sue dropped the children off with Patricks and met me at the shop for our "date" night.  We had planned to go over to Aiken for the evening but decided to take it easy and stay in Barnwell instead.  We had a delicious Mexican meal at Mi Ranchos then went and hung out at the library for an hour or two.  Picked up the children and home by 8:30.
The service department has been beyond hectic. I left early and spent another long day at work on Friday.  Ina Sue and the children enjoyed the lovely warmer day outside.  She also cleaned the house.  We had soup, salad and tropical fruit shakes for supper then played a few hands of Blitz with Carolina.  After we got the children in bed I went back in to work.  I am determined to get the carry-in department caught up.  There were over 30 computers waiting to be worked on this morning....
The children have to make their own "snow". I didn't get home from work until about 6:30 Saturday morning.  I slept for an hour or so then left to go back to work at 8:30.  I was tired as a dog but happy that I got as much done last night as I did.  Ina Sue vacuumed the car.  It started raining part way through the morning and continued throughout the day.  Thankfully we close the store at 3:00 on Saturdays so I was able to be home by 4:00.  Ina Sue made us white pizza for supper then the children and I straightened up the house while Ina Sue made rhubarb cake for tomorrow.  After the children were in bed I helped her print out invitations for the party she is helping through for our mid-wife.