December 26, 2009

Carolina shows off our new well. To church at Barnwell on Sunday.  Carmen Diem was baptized this morning.  Gary Hege preached the sermon.  Home for hamballs, baked macaroni, beets and tossed salad with lemon pie for dessert.    I took the children for a walk then we all went down for naps.  To church in the evening for a special singing program put on by a special group that Hendrick put together for a trip to NY.  Very nice.
Making up cookie plates for Christmas caroling Ina Sue did the washing while I spent the day at work on Monday.  In the evening we got together with the crew from work for a Christmas banquet at Chestnut Grille in Orangeburg.  Great food and a nice time visiting with friends and co-workers.  Afterward we took the children to see the Christmas lights in Orangeburg Gardens.  Came home and put the children to bed then made up gift packages of spiced pecans in little Christmas tins for some of my customers.  Didn't get to bed until after 12:00
Two very happy children. Ina Sue finished up the laundry on Tuesday.  I spent much of the day deliverying Christmas packages to a bunch of my customers.  After I got home from work we met with our small group and Leon's group for Christmas caroling.  We met at the school and made up cookie trays to give out.  We sang this year to a bunch of folks around Barnwell.  They all seemed to enjoy it and so did we.  It was very cold though.  We were glad to meet back at the church for a snack and some hot drinks.
Savannah opens her little gift. I was at work all day on Wednesday.  Stayed remarkably busy with service calls.  Ina Sew wrapped presents with the children and finished up some of her sewing.  I came home a bit early and worked on coverying up some of the ditches in the yard.  Ina Sue made us steak stir-fry over rice with cooked cabbage & cheese.  A nice relaxed evening at home together.
Showing off their new doll clothes. I went in to work until we closed at 2:00 on Thursday for Christmas Eve.  Ina Sue made us pepperoni eggbake for breakfast.  She did a little catch-up laundry and cleaned the house.  Poor Savannah had a fever and felt bad all day.  Ina Sue fixed us a special supper of shrimp alfredo over noodles, green beans and salad.  After supper the children opened some presents from their godfather Carl.  They were all pretty thrilled.  Landon got a really neat cotton toy cotton picker (He said though that he kinda wished it was real)  Carolina Sue got a brand new set of Dutch Blitz cards.  We promptly sat down and played a few hands with her.  She caught on really quick and loves her new game.
Landon loved his Lincoln Logs. Friday was Christmas Day.  We were thrilled to be able to spend it here at home with our little family.  It poured down rain much of the day but we had sunshine inside.  After breakfast we gave our children their gifts.  Carolina got a pot-holder loom, nightgown and some handmade doll clothes.  Landon got a set of Lincoln Logs, and a Tacky the Penguin book.  Savannah got a little doll baby and some little books for church.  She unfortunately is still feeling pretty rough.  We held her for much of the day.  Ina Sue did a little sewing and we played some more Dutch Blitz.  I helped Landon build some houses.  Andys invited us over for supper and the evening with them.  Mary's sisters Miriam & Dorcas were there and Hendrick was also there.  They served us a delicious supper and we had a great time visiting.  Unfortunately, Savannah didn't do very well so we came home before too late.
Hendrick & Andy play a game of "Goblet" We left at 5:30 Saturday morning for Hartwell.  What a day!  I needed to go up and get the telephones, bells, intercom, internet etc. all ready for Heritage Bible School.  Dad helped me get started as soon as we got there.  Ina Sue and the children stayed with Mom.  Things did not go as well as I had hoped.  By suppertime there was still a lot of work to do.  We didn't get left for home until after 11:00 but everything was working to the best of my knowledge.  I just hope it keeps working through the six weeks....  The three hour drive was pretty rough.  I pulled off and napped a time or two and Ina Sue helped drive for a while.  Home by 2:30.  I need to get up early and study to teach the youth SS class in the morning....