December 19, 2009

The children love Grandpa's trains. Sunday was Dad's 70'th birthday.  We all went to Hartwell for church.  Coincidentally, Bro. Ernest Hochstetler was visiting this Sunday and preached a very good sermon on "Where is our Plumbline?"  Had a nice time visiting with the folks there then came back to the center for a wonderful birthday dinner.  Uncle Byards joined us for oyster stew, ham balls, noodles, salad, baked corn, custard and cake.  In the afternoon we had a time of sharing memories singing and playing games.  Nevin showed us pictures that he had taken of Beaver Lake camp where Sheldon and Laura are.  It was nice to see exactly what the place is like where they are serving.  We left for SC around 7:30 and got back to Govan around 11:00.
Duane digs in to a delicious lunch spread. We slept in a bit on Monday then I went to work.  Ina Sue struggled with our piles of laundry.  It rained all day so she had to use the dryer.  We had leftovers for supper.  Nevin stopped in on his way to a meeting at Wendells.  He brought some sample flooring over that we are considering for our dining room.
Savannah with Aunt K.K. A quick breakfast on Tuesday then back to the grindstone.  Ina Sue finished the ironing and folding then did some sewing.  Her back was bothering her so I met her at 6:00 and brought the children home while she went on to the back doctor.  She already had supper of BarBQ pork, rice & collard greens waiting for us.  After her back appointment she went to Walmart and Dollar General for some shopping.
The honored birthday man. Wednesday morning we got up and around in good time then dropped the children off with Aunt Miriam while Ina Sue and I went to Dr. Glenn's office for him to do a sonogram.  The baby seems to be doing real well for which we are very thankful.  I went on in to work for several hours then came home mid afternoon and worked on covering our ditches.  Chicken fajitas for supper.
while the grandchildren hang on his words. I made us sausage gravy and cornbread for breakfast on Thursday then headed off to work.  Ina Sue brought the children in and met me at 6:00.  We drove over to Aiken for some family shopping then went to Applebees for supper.  I had helped our good friend Carolyn Kurtz with some computer issues one evening and in thanks she sent us a gift card to Applebees.  That's my kind of customer!  :)  We really enjoyed the food and the outing.
Uncle Byard & Aunt Rosie joined in with memories Friday found me at work and Ina Sue making food for the event tonight.  She made a beautiful crab crescent loaf and my favorite, deviled eggs.  The school gave their Christmas program this evening.   They did really good then we had a great time fellowshipping over a carry-in meal/snack.
The children help me with irrigation nozzles. I had to work on Saturday.  Ina Sue made us a lemon meringue pie in the morning.  She also spent quite a bit of time sewing on her Christmas presents.  Betty & Carolyn Heatwole took the two oldest along with them on a trip to town in the afternoon.  We were invited to Wendell Heatwoles for a pizza supper the I helped them with some computer issues.