November 28, 2009

Our new well going in. Bro. Austin Hege from the Burkeland congregation preached at Barnwell Sunday morning.  A good sermon on the subject of "Youth, Remember Thy Creator".  We came home for quick dinner and naps then went up to the First Baptist church in Bamberg to here one of my friends sing in a gospel quartet "Ordinary Men".   Good program.  Then on to our church to hear a presentation by Linden Overholt on CAM's work in Iraq.  Very Interesting.
Stuffing my turkey. Monday was a rainy day for Ina Sue to do the regular laundry.  I spent a busy day at work and had to stay a little late.  In addition to the laundry, Ina Sue kept the children and also babysat Erica Korver while Mary went to Augusta.  After I got home from work we had a supper of Puerto Rican tostones and a salad then worked to finish folding the clothes and straightening up the house.
The Thanksgiving spread at the mule barn. I headed off to work again on Tuesday.  Ina Sue and the children made up couple batches of cookies.  Mr. Still got here today with his well-drilling crew and got started on our well.  Ina Sue took the children along with her in the van to Byers Tire to get the oil changed.  I came home around 4:00 to touch base with our well drillers.  He finished up the well around 5:00 and said he would come back the next day to put in the pump and the pressure tank.  I stuffed our thanksgiving turkey with Puerto Rican spices then went back in to work for the evening.  Ina Sue made up a batch of cookie dough and entertained the children.
James Stovers and Tom Peacheys It was still drizzling on Wednesday.  Ina Sue spent much of the day baking.  She made up a big batch of pecan tarts and two pecan pies.  We were planning to go with our small group for a nursing home but the person we were supposed to meet with got sick so we called it off.  We had sarmales and zipper peas for supper.  Hendrick let us borrow his breadmaker so we could see if we wanted one.  We baked a batch of bread and got to eat warm fresh bread at 11:30...  Pretty good....
Gordon & Gwen communicating with Isaiah Heatwole. Thursday was Thanksgiving day.  I spent the morning roasting and cutting up my Puerto Rico turkey to take to the get-together at the mule barn.  There was a big crowd there and piles of wonderful food for lunch.  After a great time of food and fellowship we came home and put the children and wife to bed.  Carolina and I went down to the town square and cleaned up the flower beds and put down bark mulch.  We started picking out the pecans that Wendell just finished shelling for us.  After supper I took the children with me and went over to Gary Heges to get there printer working with their computer.  After we got home I candied/spiced 18 cups of pecans to give our to my customers.
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Martin. I went in to work soon after 5:00 for Black Friday.  I am opposed to this whole deal of opening early but since Radioshack advertises that we will be open at 5:30 we felt like we should go along...  It was off and on busy throughout the day.  We had pretty good sales for the day as a whole but when you consider the razor thin margins on most of the stuff or even that we sometimes were selling at a loss, the day actually ended in the red... :(  Ina Sue brought us a wonderful breakfast of breakfast pizza, orange juice, and oatmeal muffins.   For lunch, Ms. Bonnie brought in her delicious white chili soup.  Delicious!  A busy day and my employees worked really hard.
A haybale maze in Philip Barnhart's field. We got up early on Saturday and left for Hephzibah at 8:15.  We dropped off the children at Dale Banges for the day then drove to Hephzibah for the wedding of Katrina Myers and Steve Martin.  A very nice wedding with delicious food.  Steve is from Ontario so there were lots of Canadian accents there.  After the reception was over we did some quick shopping.  Got me a new brown suit and got some clothes for the children.  We picked up the children around 7:00 from Dales and came on home.  The children really seemed to have had a wonderful time there with Dales.  They talked and talked.