November 21, 2009

Enjoying a fall day. We slept in a bit on Sunday and had to scurry to get around on time.  Wendell preached on "Eternal Security".  After church we had Brent Heges and Randy Ockers over for dinner.  Pork roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, cabbage salad, chocolate cake and custard.  After lunch we played several hands of 6 person Rook.  A nice time!  We got in a short rest before going to church in the evening.  The chorus from Barnwell gave a couple of their songs.  Good
Carl is starting to erect a greenhouse over his oranges. I am trying to take up jogging in the morning.  I ran/walked for two miles on Monday.  Ina Sue started the laundry.  I was a bit over my desired weight so I fasted for the day and worked late so I wouldn't have to watch my family eat.  After I got home I took Landon & Carolina over with me to Ms. Thelma's to do a little work on her computer.
Cutting in the hem of her new dress. I took off on Tuesday.  Conrad Stover came by in the morning to discuss the possibility of him making a computer desk to fit our back room.  Then we all went to Dr. Glenn's office.  Ina Sue had one of her prenatal visits and I held Savannah while she got her MMR shot.  After we got home I decided to work at putting up our new dining room light.  Since our current fan/light was majorly off center and our ceiling is made of tongue and groove wainscoting, it was a pretty big job just getting the fixture moved over to where we wanted it so that the patch wouldn't show.  I must say I did a pretty nice job with it.  After I got the fixture hung I called Ina Sue in to admire it.  Her first comment was, "Well, the top half of the light isn't painted.  Sure enough, when I looked at it, it was obvious that whoever had spraypainted the fixture with the antique bronze paint had missed the top foot or so.  The top was still gun metal gray...
Our new dining room light. I was pretty aggravated to say the least.  I called Lowes in Orangeburg and told them the problem.  They said to bring it back and they would swap it out for me.  So, we bundled everybody into the minivan and headed up to Orangeburg in the evening.  (I was determined to get the project done)  When we got to Lowes I carried the light in and set it on the counter and explained the problem to the lady.  She look at it and said, "Uh, I don't see any difference..."  When I looked at it I had to agree with her!  After some major headscratching we finally realized that it was light shining through the brown shades that gave the fixture the more antique look.  Where the light did not have to go through the shades the metal looked a medium gray.  So, we turned around and brought it back home.  What a bummer!  I did get it hung back up though and we are overall fairly pleased with it.
Cleaning up the shop. After breakfast on Wednesday I went to work and Ina Sue worked on some sewing.  Carolyn Heatwole came over in the afternoon to use our computer to type up her Christmas letter.  For supper Ina Sue fixed us asparagus, ham & egg gravy over toast.  We went to prayer meeting and spent some time going over the latest proposal for accountability groups at Barnwell.  Then we still went in to our small classes for prayer and a short class.
Holding out the "barbarians at the gate". Ina Sue was still busy sewing on Thursday.  I was at work most of the day but came home a little early.  It was a beautiful day and we all spent time down on the square picking up pecans.  We picked up over 130 lbs.  After we got back home Ina Sue vacuumed out the van while I made supper.  We all took an after-dark walk in the evening.  Got to watch the train go by.  The stars were beautiful and clear.
Helping Mommy make chocolate crinkle cookies. I had a full day at work on Friday.  Patricks brought their children by at 3:00.  Ina Sue fed the children breakfast burritos and lima beans for dinner.  (She kindly used the limas while I wasn't home)  After I got home we all went on a long walk with the wagon for the children.  Patricks picked their youngsters up around 9:30.
Reading "My Brother's Keeper" Saturday was a wonderful day at home.  I cleaned out the shop.  Ina Sue was pleased!  Then I spent some time mowing, washed all three vehicles and did lots of other small jobs.  Ina Sue sewed and worked on getting our finances caught up in Quicken.  In the evening we made a quick run to Walmart and got gas for the van.